First look at ‘Batman v Superman’ action figures by Mattel, including Wonder Woman Barbie

Yesterday we got a look at a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice LEGO set, and today we have our first look at some action figures.

USA Today says that a two-pack of Batman and Superman figures by Mattel will be Comic-Con exclusives, and will cost $30. Each of the 6-inch-tall figures comes with fabric capes, display bases that combine to form the film’s iconic logo, and lights-and-sounds packaging teasing one of the big moments from the upcoming movie.

Mattel is also creating a Barbie version of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. That doll will be on display at Comic-Con, but won’t be available until the spring. Standing 12 inches tall and featuring a sword, shield, tiara, bulletproof bracelets and her signature lasso of truth, Wonder Woman is part of the Barbie movie collection along with Superman and Batman.

Mattel is also making a Hotwheels version of the Batmobile, and will have a life-size Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice car on display at Comic-Con as well.