Batman/Superman #22 review

Well, it’s finally here. The clash of the titans! Batman and Superman’s meeting is finally shown in the pages of comics since their drastic changes.  They had a quick scuffle in DC’s preview and Batman/Superman #21, but here the former crime fighting tag team talk it out and everything returns back to normal like nothing ever happened. That was sarcasm I used just then if you couldn’t tell.

Greg Pak pens an uneasy encounter between Clark and Comissioner Gordon. Neither one of them are too anxious about trusting the other, and with good reasons. Clark is still Superman, but it’s interesting to see Gordon’s inner thoughts about Kent. It sort of seems like there’s still a sense of disbelief that this is the real deal Superman. He has the change in attire, and his power level has decreased, but there’s a different edge to Superman nowadays. Gordon thinks the man is crazy. Rightfully so. There’s a scene where Clark takes on a gargantuan sized monster with a wrench. A wrench. And Clark is laughing while he attacks the beast. It’s like Superman has become Frank Miller’s Batman, fighting with a devious grin like he’s enjoying this way more than he should. Kent’s hard edge is very apparent in his conversation with Officer Batman. Pak writes the interaction in a way that seems realistic given their current roles. Even though the scene is tense in nature, it has its funny parts. They’re very defensive towards each other, and I’ve never seen so much sarcasm from Superman. Regardless, a fragile alliance is formed between them as they move forward in their investigation.

Superman is so sassy
Superman is so sassy

Signals show that there is some heavy activity going on underneath Gotham City. Batman, Superman, and the GCPD head to the Gotham Waterfront to evacuate a targeted Wayne Enterprises warehouse. Amongst the evacuees is Lucius Fox. He’s not too adamant about having to leave his warehouse, but with constant groundshaking rumbles occurring, he realizes that the whole facility is in great danger. Gordon informs everyone that barbarians with energy absorbing weapons are heading for their exact location. Fox quickly mentions that a series of break-ins have been occurring at experimental energy facilities. He assumes it has to be a secret organization called Dawn Command that’s been linked to the break-ins that’s coming to attack them right now. Before they know it, their assailants arrive, hellbent on causing destruction.

Lucius Fox shows Batman & Superman exactly what it is that they’re housing in the warehouse– a miniature sun. It was accidentally created by a staff member with some illegal tech from S.T.A.R. Labs (I told you, that place has to be one of the most robbed facilities known to man). Fox brought up Dawn Command, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s who attacks them in this issue. There’s definitely a secret organization going against Superman, pulling strings in the background, but the warehouse attack seems like a separate event. Ukur, Beastlord of the Subterranea leads his horde of monster dinosaurs to destroy Superman. The attack is personal, so I doubt Ukur is a part of a larger group. Maybe he’s a pawn or Dawn Command is utilizing the Subterranean energy absorbing weapons.

[caption id="attachment_21486" align="aligncenter" width="1076"]A night light for Superman A night light for Superman[/caption]

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The picture above is prime example of why I love Syaf’s pencils on this title. Each panel is detailed in Ardian’s signature style. There were multiple colorists working on this issue, but they all blend perfectly throughout the pages. I became a fan of colorist Blond while reviewing a Teen Titans issue. I commended all the artists involved in Truth for keeping the look of the characters uniformly the same (except Romita’s Superman. His was a bit off to me). Whether the panels were action packed or talk-driven, they were drawn exceptionally. Once Ukur arrived, the art really looked amazing to me. I’d like to see more crazy panels like those in more pages.

Recommended if: 

  • You’re following the TRUTH storyline
  • You’re trying to make sense (or your own theory) of the TRUTH timeline
  • You want to see how Gordon and Kent interact for the 1st time
  • You’ve been following Batman/Superman

Overall: I’ve enjoyed TRUTH so far, but this one was probably my least favorite of the story. It’s not a bad issue at all, I just imagined Batman and Superman’s meeting to be more entertaining. I’m definitely biased though because currently I’m really only interested in Superman. I did enjoy Superman’s hard edge and his snarky attitude towards Gordon’s Batman. The buddy cop formula works well enough to carry my interest to the next issue, especially with a depowered Superman throwing himself in harm’s way. The revelation of a secret organization being involved ups the ante, so it’ll be nice to learn more about them. Hopefully the two heroes learn to trust one another before all subterranean hell breaks loose.

SCORE: 7.5 / 10