20 Things We Learned From The ‘Batman v Superman’ Comic-Con Trailer

When the second Batman v Superman trailer was released in Hall H for Comic-Con attendees, the reaction was immediate and ecstatic. It had everything we wanted to see, but didn’t in the first trailer (Wonder Woman fighting! Lex Luthor scheming! Superman and Batman actually fighting!) and more. After going through the Batman v Superman Comic-Con trailer frame by frame, here’s twenty things we learned about the upcoming Warner Bros film.

1. People hate Superman.


People fear what they don’t understand and as evidenced by the protesters with signs outside the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., they are scared and angry about Superman, especially after the destruction and death caused during the Battle of Metropolis.

2. Superman has been called to Capitol Hill.


The United States government holds the Man of Steel personally responsible for the massive damage to the city and the high death toll and calls him before the Senate to answer for his crimes.

3. The battle of Metropolis destroyed Wayne Financial and killed employees.


Bruce Wayne witnesses his building being destroyed by the heat vision of General Zod and blames Superman for the destruction and death of dozens of his employees. He takes it very personally and you can see how it would motivate him to go after Superman.

4. Wayne Manor is in shambles.


We’ve known since last year’s Comic-Con that this Batman is old and world-weary and all but retired, but we now see that Bruce Wayne himself has become somewhat of a recluse and has let his mansion fall into disrepair. We see a house that is crumbling and overgrown with weeds and wonder how much Bruce is out of touch with society as well.

5. Bruce Wayne is being teased by somebody about his loss.


Somebody has sent a message to Bruce to get him angry and it seems to be working. Whether it’s Lex Luthor priming the pump before convincing Batman to go after Superman…or the Joker stoking the fires remains to be seen.

6. Clark Kent is investigating the Batman at the Daily Planet.


We see our first official look at Henry Cavill as Clark Kent and it looks like he’s trying to convince Perry White to let him investigate Batman for a story. White is not buying it at this point, but that may change after they see what Batman is capable of.

7. People love Superman.


Not everybody is scared of or hates the Man of Steel. To many he is a savior, rescuing people from flooded homes and safely bringing destroyed space capsules to the ground. This taps into the themes explored in the Man of Steel movie about Superman being like a God to the people of Earth.

8. Martha Kent gives advice to a conflicted Man of Steel.


While Ma Kent tells Clark “you don’t owe this world a thing, you never did”, he still looks conflicted about it. With so much hate against him, he’s not sure he belongs on Earth or that people even want him to stay.

9. The senator is working with Lex Luthor behind-the-scenes.


It appears that Lex Luthor has convinced the senator that Superman is bad and needs to be taken to task. He is shown as very charming and convincing and that’s bad news for the Man of Steel as it appears Luthor has bought the senator with promises of wealth and power. She will probably regret this decision later.

10. Superman is kneeling before Lex Luthor.


There’s only one thing that would be powerful enough to make Superman kneel before Lex Luthor- Kryptonite (see #19) and he appears to be absolutely powerless before him and very angry about it. We’re not sure he even knows about Kryptonite or why he’s so weak, but we’re quite sure Lex will tell him in great detail.