11. Lex Luthor has General Zod’s head.


Ever since Man of Steel came out, we knew that General Zod’s body (and head) were in the train station after that controversial neck snap scene. We also knew that there were a lot of Zod’s ships and technology laying around and that not all of them were destroyed. Somebody like Lex could take the technology and the DNA and make armor or vehicles…or a creature. The longstanding rumor has been that Luthor would make Doomsday from General Zod, so now that he has his head (and his body), let the speculation begin.

12. “A Death in the Family.”


Batman has a Robin suit displayed in the Batcave. We don’t know which Robin it is, but the suit looks like the Tim Drake version. In the comic book story “A Death in the Family”, Batman has taken on a new protege as Robin- Jason Todd. Unfortunately, Todd is very violent and unstable and goes to fight Joker alone. He is beaten to death with a crowbar by the Joker and left in a building with a time bomb. Batman gets to the building in time to carry Todd’s lifeless body out of the building before it explodes. He displays Jason Todd’s costume in the Batcave to remind him of his greatest failure and to motivate him to do better. This could also be a setup for Batman’s cameo in the Suicide Squad and/or the solo Batman movie.

13. Diana Prince is investigating Bruce Wayne.


We see Diana Prince at two difference society functions and in an official still with Bruce Wayne. We’re not sure why she’s interested in him, but she is definitely keeping an eye on him.

14. Aquaman may be imprisoned by Lex Luthor.


For a very brief moment we see a diver going down in the water towards something that is chained up. There is a boat overhead and a lot of fish swimming around. It appears to be the long dark flowing hair of somebody and possibly the very muscled-looking back and arms of what could be Aquaman. Does Lex Luthor have the King of the Seven Seas imprisoned underwater? Was he injured when the world engine was activated in Man of Steel, blasting into the water and killing fish and potentially knocking him out? We’ve heard rumors that Aquaman is being held prisoner by Luthor and this could be how he comes into the hands of Lex.

15. Something terrible happens at Capitol Hill.


Lois Lane looks terrified of something in the sky at Capitol Hill and the protesters behind her look like they are running away from something. Lois would not be afraid of Superman, so what is it? Does Batman appear in the Batwing? Maybe another previously mentioned villain? If you read the exclusive report from Batman News last summer, then you also have another idea of what is happening here.

16. Wonder Woman will fight and use her powers.


We weren’t sure how much Wonder Woman we would see in the movie and if she would be using her powers, but we know for sure now! She is shown fighting with her sword and shield and setting off a power blast by hitting her bracelets together. She looks badass!

17. Liberty Files Batman/Military Batman.


We’re not really sure what is going on in this intriguing scene with soldiers that look like Nazis with the Superman crest on their sleeves, killing people with machine guns and fighting a Batman that is dressed in what looks like military fatigues. Dream sequence? Is this something that Lex Luthor has fabricated to make Batman think Superman is a bad, bad guy? The Batman costume faintly resembles the Red Son Batman from that alternative universe storyline, but more closely to the limited edition comic book series JSA: The Liberty Files in which Batman is fighting the Nazis in the war, who have Superman on their side.

18. Lexcorp is attacked OR something breaks out.


We see the guard shack burning at LexCorp and we also see the inside of the building with a lot of spent ammunition on the floor. Did somebody try to break into the building or did something inside break out? My bet is on Batman creating a diversion to break into the building (see that motorcycle ride past the burning shack?) and see what Lex Luthor is really up to.

19. Lex Luthor has Kryptonite.


We know from the Entertainment Weekly article that Batman’s armoured suit has Kryptonite in it, but where did he get it? We now see that Lex Luthor has a giant piece of it and we can only assume that he works with Batman to incorporate it into his metal suit to stand a chance against the evil that is Superman.

20. Dark Knight Returns cover homage.

There is a single shot in the trailer that is almost an exact replica of the cover of the original Dark Knight Returns graphic novel by Frank Miller, of which Zack Snyder has said inspired a lot of what happens in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Did you notice any other easter eggs or nods to Batman or Superman lore? Leave them in the comments below.