10 Things Revealed in the ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer

6. Joker creates Harley Quinn.


Harley Quinn’s comic book origin sets her up as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum named Harleen Quinzel who is treating the Joker because she’s fascinated with him. She ends up falling in love with him and together they escape. She is captured, has her license revoked and is placed in a cell. In this trailer, it looks like the movie version is taking a different tact with her origin story. During the assault on Arkham Asylum (see #10), Dr. Quinzel is grabbed and strapped to a table. We later see the Joker taunting her and then torturing her through what appears to be shock therapy. In short, he fries her brain and creates the messed up person that becomes Harley Quinn.

7. Is Joker leading from the shadows?


We all saw the ending of the trailer with the Joker coming out of the shadows and talking about torturing somebody, but you may have missed a split second appearance earlier in the trailer. He’s walking inside what might be Arkham Asylum with Jim Parrack’s character (still don’t know who he’s playing for sure). He seems to be in charge and running things from the shadows. We don’t know if he’s escaping or returning to the mental hospital, but the implications are intriguing.

8. Joker’s henchmen have a sense of humor.


Throughout the trailer we see henchmen with masks on…giant eyeball, a goat head and this person wearing a Batman mask. You have to give Joker credit for having a sense of humor about his biggest nemesis.

9. Suicide Squad takes place after Batman V Superman.


“Maybe Superman was some kind of beacon for them to creep back from the shadows.” These words uttered by Amanda Waller over this cave scene indicate that Superman already exists in this world and that this movie takes place after the events of Batman V Superman or at least after Man of Steel. Seeing Batman in the trailer makes us think it’s after BVS, especially if he’s going after the Joker for what he did to Robin, and which we saw hints of in the trailer for BVS.

10. There’s an assault on Arkham Asylum.


Either the Joker is being broken out of Arkham Asylum or he’s breaking in, we’re not sure. Makes more sense to have his henchmen break him out of the asylum, but maybe he’s breaking back in to capture Harleen Quinzel and torture her. How do we know it’s Arkham Asylum? A few clues- Harleen worked at AA before she became Harley Quinn…AND…check out what’s written on the Joker’s pants in the above still. Now unless he likes to wear prison garb in his free time, we’re assuming that he’s in Arkham Asylum and gets broken out.

So, what do you think? Did you see anything else in the trailer that may provide clues to the plot of the Suicide Squad movie? Sound off in the comments below.