Monthly Comic Book Sales Report: June 2015

June ended up not being another reboot for the DC Universe as some people were speculating, but never-the-less, June still had a real sense of freshness to it that invited new readership to jump on board.  Not only did DC release a whole slew of new books, but most of the continuing titles received makeovers that had them feeling new as well.  It’s time to analyze the numbers and see how this new marketing attempt payed off.

Below you will find a chart detailing the 28 comics that this site reviews, along with the total sales for this month and several previous months.  Numbers displayed are in the thousands.

(Robin: Son of Batman, Earth 2: Society, Red Hood/Arsenal, and Justice League 3001 are all new #1 issues.  In the chart, you will see numbers for them for previous months.  While these books are technically new, they are actually springing from a previous title with a slightly different name, hence, I will be comparing the current title with the previous one.)

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Those are some pretty impressive numbers!  (Especially for Justice League of America)  Not only did the new books fair quite well, but the old ones also saw some healthy increases in their numbers.  Oddly enough, only three books didn’t seem effected by June’s new readership: Grayson, Teen Titans, and Batgirl.  These books lost 1k, 5k, and 8k respectively.  While Grayson’s losses were not that substantial, I am still surprised to see it lose anything at all when other less worthy books got such a healthy increase.  When I first heard about them turning Dick into a spy, I wasn’t interested at all, but I gave the book a chance and I have to say it is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable things that DC is currently putting out there.  Personally, I think this book is good enough to be pulling in 60 or 70k.  It’s a real shame that the numbers aren’t reflecting how good it is.  In regards to Batgirl…I wonder how she feels about coming in after Bat-Mite.  Ouch.

While these numbers are interesting to look at, we won’t really be able to tell how good the new books are doing till 2 months from now.  It is pretty standard for a new number one to lose half the readership by issue 4.  Books that are doing really well manage to keep it above that.  As an example, if Justice League of America ends up leveling off at above 75K, then it is doing something right.

Some other Random thoughts I had:

  • I can’t believe more people showed up for Gordon in the robot suit than for the Batman/Joker finale from Endgame!
  • Why are Suicide Squad’s numbers so good?!?!  It has to have something to do with the hype for that movie.
  • Red Hood just more than doubled his numbers.  Really?  It’s the same writer…nothing new to see here.
  • I was so happy to see a jump in readership for Gotham Academy.  Much like Grayson, that book is too good to be that low.
  • For those of you who are confused about Batman: Arkham Knight dropping from 73 to 21, I shall explain.  What you are seeing isn’t a drop from issue one to issue two.  This title didn’t take a break during Convergence, so that is the drop from issue one to issue five.


For your convenience, links to the top 5 best selling books from June that we review.

June 2015 – Top 50 

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