Zack Snyder allegedly shared this new ‘Batman v Superman’ image on his private Instagram

It’s no secret that Zack Snyder loves to share photos from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on his private Instagram account. Set photographer Clay Enos usually reshares these photos and makes them public, with the most recent examples being a new photo of Batman and one that Snyder shared of his son in response to the Robin rumors.

The latest photo that claims to be from Zack Snyder’s private Instagram account was not reshared by Clay Enos. Instead, it was allegedly posted by another one of his 251 followers. Check it out below.

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The photo appears to be of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, walking through a field towards the abandoned Wayne Manor, which was probably created completely using CGI based on what we saw of it in the trailer.

There’s no way to confirm this photo’s authenticity, but I think it’s legit given that Snyder has shared photos from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before, and because this particular photo matches up with the brief scene we saw in the trailer.

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