CBS chairman: ‘Supergirl’ will have a ”bigger, broader audience” than ‘Gotham’

Many were surprised to learn that the new CBS show Supergirl will be going head-to-head against Gotham on Monday nights this fall. But CBS chairman Nina Tassler isn’t worried about competition from FOX and Gotham. Tassler explained CBS’ decision to put Supergirl against Gotham today at a Television Critics Association press event:

“Well, I think that they’re different audiences,” said Tassler. “I think Supergirl has a much bigger, broader audience. It’s more family entertainment. And they look different, they feel different.”

Tassler added, “We had 14.1 million streams of the [Supergirl] trailer. I don’t think anyone is worried about, ‘Oh my god, there’s not enough audience out there to watch both those shows.’ I think there will be.”

I’ll be sticking to Gotham on Monday nights, but which DC Comics show will you be watching live? Let me know in the comments below.