DC offers discounted digital comic bundles

I’ll let this one mostly speak for itself.

Today, Wednesday 8/12, exclusively on Readdcentertainment.com and Comixology.com, marks the launch of DC Entertainment’s FIRST EVER digital comic bundles. DC Entertainment is bundling together its dynamic digital titles, allowing subscribers to buy in bulk for up to 27% off of the original cost!

Launching with 10 discounted bundles, newcomers and veterans alike can catch up on old favorites or new adventures, from the very beginning of their stories! If you missed out on an essential arc or wanted to test the waters with a new title, NOW is the time to do it:

Starting TODAY you can get these titles for just a fraction of the cost!

1. The Complete Fables 15% Off- $237.99

2. DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels Pt. 1 24% Off- $75.99

3. DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels Pt. 2 24% Off- $88.99

4. DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels Pt.24% Off- $85.99

5. Essential Batman Pt. 1
14% Off- $75.99

6. Essential Superman Pt. 1 18% Off- $59.99

7. Essential Wonder Woman Pt. 1 16% Off- $45.99

8. Injustice: Gods Among Us Year One 27% Off- $28.99

9. Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two 17% Off- $22.99

10. Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three 17% Off- $22.99

11. Harley Quinn Annual Bundle 24% Off- $5.99

Hungry for more? These are just the first of many bundles offering plenty of opportunities to catch up on all the titles you love.

So click on over to Readdcentertainment.com or Comixology.com to get started now!

A few good bundles there.  You’ve got classics like Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns spread throughout, some nice primers for the Big Three, and the entirety of Fables is too good to pass up.

For what it’s worth, I think this is the best bundle.  I don’t love every book in there, but those that I do I love quite a bit.

Hopefully they continue doing these in the future, and we’ll keep you posted on any good deals we find.