Henry Cavill talks ‘Batman v Superman’ and the DC Extended Universe

Henry Cavill is currently promoting his new movie The Man From U.N.C.L.E‎, which co-stars Armie Hammer. Fun fact: Hammer was cast as Batman in the 2007 Justice League movie that ended up getting cancelled right before they started shooting.

While speaking to Uproxx, Cavill spoke about the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic-Con trailer, and commented on the DC Extended Universe overall. Check out his comments below.

From the Batman v Superman trailer that came out at Comic-Con, it did seem like the plot was tied into the destruction Superman causes in Man of Steel.

Cavill: There’s a big plan in place at WB for the whole DC franchise. So, all of this stuff ties in. They’re not thinking from movie to movie, they’re thinking from a big tent pole type thing and each story has its own story, which is attached to the major issue. Yeah, there’s a big plan.

Well, based on that GIF that went around directly comparing the footage from the BvStrailer and Man of Steel, it just feels even more like a response. Did you see that GIF?

Cavill: [Laughs] I’ve seen a lot of GIFs.

But this one is neat. It shows Ben Affleck in the street watching the building get torn apart, side by side with Michael Shannon in Man of Steel causing the damage and they match perfectly.

Cavill: Oh, cool.

Hammer: Oh, that is cool. That is very cool. That’s a little Easter egg.

So, it’s a direct reference to what happened in Man of Steel.

Cavill: You’ll see a lot of that.

Hammer: I was wondering about that in the trailer! I was like, that is a big building that just got chopped in half. And that’s from Man of Steel?

Cavill: That’s when Zod loses his mind and can’t control his heat vision and blasts everything out.

If you haven’t seen the cool GIF they were talking about, here it is:


SOURCE: Uproxx