Jared Leto is still sending Joker gifts to his ‘Suicide Squad’ cast mates (photo)

In June we learned that Jared Leto was sending bizarre Joker gifts to his Suicide Squad cast mates. Margot Robbie got a letter and a live rat, Will Smith got a letter and a box of bullets, and the whole cast received a dead hog with a video of Leto in character as The Joker.

It looks like Leto is up to his old tricks! Jay Hernandez, who plays El Diablo in Suicide Squad, just shared the gift that he received from The Joker. “My dear friend The Joker gave me a gift…inside is a glimpse into the mind of a mad man,” he wrote on Instagram.


He got a letter, a deck of cards, though it’s tough to make out what’s in the middle there. It looks like something wrapped in newspaper.

There’s no doubt that the cast of Suicide Squad is extremely. Just earlier this week, they gave each other tattoos. Seriously!