Matt Damon: Ben Affleck is Batman because Chris Terrio rewrote the ‘Batman v Superman’ script (video)

Back when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was officially announced at Comic-Con 2013, David Goyer was working on the script. Goyer had written Man of Steel and helped Christopher Nolan with his Dark Knight Trilogy, so it appeared that the movie was in good hands. But then Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, and his Oscar winning Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio was brought in to rewrite the script. Goyer’s name hasn’t been mentioned ever since, though he still has his name in the movie’s credit, presumably for the work he did up until Terrio came in.

In a new interview with MTV, Ben Affleck’s good friend Matt Damon revealed some interesting news that may have led to Affleck signing on as Batman. He says that being able to bring in Terrio to write the script sealed the deal for him.

“I talked to him about it. It was a big decision,” Damon recalled. “He knew what the stakes were. Once he was able to get Chris Terrio to write the script, I think that made the decision for him. Chris is a fantastic writer and Ben really liked Zack [Snyder], who’s directing, and it was like, ’well, I’ve got all the pieces that are necessary.’ ”

It sounds like Ben Affleck has a lot of power behind-the-scenes if he was able to get Warner Bros. to push Goyer’s script to the side and bring in his own writer. Ultimately Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in good hands again. Just about every cast member (especially Jesse Eisenberg) keeps raving about Terrio’s script, and the man does have an Oscar to his name!