DC Entertainment boss explains why movies and TV exist in separate universes

DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson spoke at Variety’s Entertainment and Technology Summit yesterday. Nelson addressed why DC Comics movies are TV shows exist in separate universes, rather than a shared one like Marvel’s.

“We’re so talent driven,” Nelson said during the Q&A with Variety co-editor-in-chief Andrew Wallenstein. The focus on a single universe of characters with connected storylines “could end up handcuffing our creators into trying to work with the same storyline or force them to hold back characters or introduce certain characters. Ultimately it hinders the ability for someone like (showrunner) Bruno Heller to come in and create ‘Gotham.’ “

Nelson went on to explain that Gotham has no creative constraints regarding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and vice versa. She said that a shared universe has “worked beautifully” for Marvel, but explained that it didn’t make sense for Warner Bros. and DC.

Are you happy with this strategy, or would you prefer to see a shared movie and TV universe? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Variety