Sorry Val Kilmer and George Clooney, Chris O’Donnell reveals his favorite Batman actor

Chris O’Donnell was the Robin to Val Kilmer’s Batman in Batman Forever and George Clooney’s Batman in Batman & Robin, but neither are his favorite Batman actor. O’Donnell revealed his favorite Batman in a new interview with FOX411.

FOX411: Being you starred in the “Batman” franchise, who is your favorite actor to play the title character past or present?

O’Donnell: For me it will always be Adam West. I loved the show. I just watched a documentary about him and his career and facing the challenge of being Batman. I worked with two very talented actors: Val [Kilmer] and George. We had a lot of fun George and I, but the film was a disaster.

Adam West was flattered by the news, and shared his thoughts about it on Twitter: