Wonder Woman is getting a ‘Batman v Superman’ statue too (photo)

In July we got a first look at the Batman and Superman statues from DC Collectibles for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but fear not Wonder Woman fans, the warrior princess is getting one too!

Yahoo has more info in the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman statue:

The 13-inch resin statue, by James Marsano, features the updated costume — with new-look tiara, armor styling, sword, shield, bullet-deflecting bracelets, and her trademark golden lariat — and will be available for $150 in March.

$150 is the same price as the Batman and Superman statues, so start saving up now if you want to collect all 4 (there are two Batman statues, one in his normal Batsuit and one in his armored one). Check them all out in the gallery below.