First Look: Opening panel of “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race”

DC Comics have released the first panel from the final installment of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight series.

It may not seem like much, but it’s always neat seeing an artistic work in progress.  When it’s work from the likes of Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson (an underrated and under-appreciated inker whose contribution to The Dark Knight Returns deserves a lot more recognition), it’s hard not to get even a little bit pumped.

It’s a small panel, as you can see, so the context is all but nonexistent, but it almost looks as if the Batsuit is on display in a case.  Perhaps we’ll open on a contemplative Bruce?

Head over to DC’s website for some more news on the series, including some new variant covers like this one from The Killing Joke’s Brian Bolland.

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The Dark Knight III: The Master Race debuts November 25th.