First look at Frank Miller’s ‘Dark Knight III’ minicomic

Of all the variant covers and images we’ve seen so far, the one creator whose work has been absent from the lead up to The Dark Knight III: The Master Race has been the brains behind the whole operation: Frank Miller himself.

To remedy that, DC has revealed his cover for the mini-comic that will be contained in the first issue.  If you’ll recall, these minis will be 16-page stories focusing on a different character in this universe, with a rotating team of artists handling pencils.

While Superman may be front and center in the wraparound image, this comic will actually focus on the Atom.  That’s actually ok with me, because if you want to say anything nice about The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Ray Palmer was actually pretty cool.

Miller of course gets top creator billing, with Azzarello following, but then there’s Klaus Janson.  Is he drawing and inking this mini-comic?  He had a lot to do with the aesthetic of The Dark Knight Returns, so if that’s the case I can get down with it.

The first issue of the long-awaited finale arrives November 25th.