No Doomsday in ‘Batman v Superman’ according to 3D artist who worked on it (update)

There’s been rumor after rumor that say Doomsday will be a villain in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but that’s not happening according to a guy who worked on the movie.

Sean Ray works at Moving Picture Company, one of the visual effects shops that are working on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. MPC just wrapped their portion of Zack Snyder’s upcoming movie, and Ray took to Instagram to celebrate.

“Batman v Superman is wrapped, one the best films i have worked on! My inner child is happy! I’m the biggest superman fan ever! So it was a dream to work on it! Looking forward to seeing it on the big screen in March! I can’t wait !! Good job everyone who worked on it,” he wrote.

Update 10/18/15: Ray has deleted his Instagram post, and his entire account from what I can see.


In the comments section, Ray explained that he’s a 3D character/Creature Artist at MPC, and that’s when someone said “Nice! So did you create the model for Doomsday??”. Then to everyone’s surprise, Ray replied!

“Hahaha lol unfortunately he’s not in the film, maybe in the man of steel squel or justice league film who knows”, he said.

Unfortunately for Ray, his comments here may prevent him from working on Doomsday in Justice League or Man of Steel 2. Usually anyone who does post-production work on a giant blockbuster like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has to sign a contract that forbids them from saying anything about the movie.