‘Batman v Superman’ is more grounded than any other superhero movie, according to Scoot McNairy

Killing Them Softly

Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins invented the terms “dark, gritty, and grounded” that you hear thrown around big movie franchises these days. Nolan’s entire take on Batman revolved around adapting him and the other characters and making them fit into our world. But according to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Scoot McNairy, Zack Snyder has Nolan beat!

“This is the superhero film that is more grounded in reality than any of the other ones. It’s a comic book movie, yes, but it’s very, very grounded”, McNairy told We Got This Covered while promoting his new movie Our Brand Is Crisis.

A movie involving an alien that can fly is more grounded than Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy? I guess we’ll have to take McNairy’s word for it for now. But his comments definitely make me even more interested in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice… if that’s even possible!

SOURCE: We Got This Covered