BD Wong cast as Hugo Strange in ‘Gotham’


This past week Gotham introduced the Indian Hill facility, a hidden lab that experiments on the “monsters” of Gotham City, and now BD Wong has been cast as Hugo Strange to run it, reports. Here’s a description of the character:

Officially in the series, Hugo Strange will be hired to run Gotham’s Arkham Asylum. The psychiatrist “appears altruistic,” Fox tells, “but he harbors a dark secret” that eventually makes him “Gotham’s greatest threat.” He’ll start innocently enough, seemingly working to rehabilitate the villains of Gotham City, before being revealed as the man behind Indian Hill.

Fox told that Indian Hill is a black-ops program run by Wayne Enterprises “dedicated to creating the ultimate super human… or super villain.”

BD Wong was recently seen in Focus with Suicide Squad stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie, in the best scene of the movie, in my opinion. He also appeared in Jurassic World.