Rumor: Ben Affleck’s Batman movie to feature Red Hood and Joker as villains

Ben Affleck is reportedly directing, starring in, and writing his very own Batman movie. And while it’s not 100% confirmed at this point, Affleck did admit recently that he would love to take that project on. Now Joblo claims to know story details about the movie commonly referred to as The Batman.

To put it simply: Red Hood will play a major role in it, especially for Bruce Wayne/Batman. A while back Latino Review ran a scoop that Red Hood was a “priority” character and that lines up with what we’ve heard as well. Our sources indicate that Red Hood will be a key player in the first new solo Batman film, which is said to be adapting both the “A Death in the Family” and “Under The Hood” storylines from the comics.  Essentially, Red Hood is DC’s answer to Marvel’s Winter Soldier; former sidekicks gone evil and seeking a chance at redemption.

The rumored storyline for The Batman is that Jason Todd, a former Robin, comes back from the dead (Lazarus Pit?) and pretends to be Batman in all the wrong ways, making him look like a criminal. He leaves clues about his true identity for Bruce Wayne to find, leading up to a confrontation that will include Batman, Red Hood, and Jared Leto’s Joker. Nightwing will also be a main character to help Batman even the odds.

Take this as a rumor for now, but I thought it was worth sharing because Joblo just nailed a major Marvel scoop. It’s possible they have sources in high places over at Warner Bros. as well.

Check out the full scoop in the video above, and let me know what you think about this rumor in the comments below.