DC Collectible’s Batman: Arkham Knight Figure Reviews: Gordon, Nightwing, & Battle-Damage Batman

You played the game, now play with the toys! With Christmas on the horizon and Batman fans figuring out their holiday wish list, we thought it would be a good idea to take a close look at a few of the Batman: Arkham Knight figures being offered by DC Collectibles.

Gamestop Exclusive: Battle-Damage Batman

This Series 1 figure came out back in May and can only be found at Gamestop. Battle-Damage Batman is incredibly faithful to the video game. Personally, I wasn’t much of a fan of the Arkham Knight design since it was so overly-fortified with moving metal plates that it just seemed a little too robotic for Batman, but at the end of the day the thing still looks cool, especially in toy form. Gentle Giant Studios did an amazing job capturing all of the tiniest details of Batman’s battered suit with every metal plate accounted for and appropriately scratched and dented. Even the openings in the plating have been dimpled for a chainmail effect.

The paint job is probably the best in the entire Arkham Knigh line. The armor is black and grey only, but it’s never uninspired. Each piece of the uniform flaunts either a matte finish, gloss finish, or a subtle metallic shimmer that gives the design greater texture and visual interest. The distressed details like the worn and scarred breast plate are extraordinarily game-accurate and I like the splattered and caked mud on the front and back of the rubberized cape. On the downside, Batman’s cowl doesn’t feature hardly any damage at all, the rubbery shoulder pads can pop off if you raise the Dark Knight’s arms too high, and some of the mud/dirt effects can be lazily applied. For instance, my Batman shows rather large brown blotches on his thighs, which makes it look less like he’s been brawling in the streets and more like a chocolate ice cream cone dripped onto his lap.

Batman boasts–according to my count– 15 points of articulation so you can achieve a wide range of great poses. He also comes with an extra hand, the zip-line gun from the game, and a large, dangerous-looking batarang.

Verdict: It kicks ass. I’ll be putting it on display at my desk.


I wasn’t a fan of Nightwing’s half-cowl and minimalist blue-chevron design from the latest game. Like Batman, Nightwing featured too much armored plating for an acrobat. But again, it sure looks awesome as a toy. Gentle Giant Studios did a phenomenal job on sculpting Batman and Nightwing, perfectly translating all the finer details like the layered material on the suit, the zippers, straps, and armored joints from the video game to an affordable plastic figure. The paint job is also terrific, featuring a wonderful balance of matte and gloss coatings to give the mostly all-black uniform a distinctive look and texture. A subtle spray of gray on Dick Grayson’s chin also creates the illusion of a five-o’clock shadow.

I counted fifteen points of articulation on Nightwing, allowing  you plenty of freedom to achieve a variety of iconic poses. He also comes with four escrima sticks (two extended, two not) so you can display him in more of a battle-ready pose. Unlike Batman and Gordon, Nightwing does not include an extra hand.

Verdict: I feel that Nightwing, like Battle-Damage Batman, is among the best Arkham Knight figures you can buy.

Commissioner Gordon

I believe this figure will be kind of hit-or-miss. It’s a collectible you’ll want to shop for in-person rather than online because, as you can see from the photos of my Gordon, he looks a little derpy if his glasses are not applied properly. The spectacles aren’t an accessory, they are a part of his head. However, if you can get a Gordon without cockeyed frames, I think you’ll be pretty satisfied. It’s a rather simple figure, just a disheveled old man when you get right down to it. The torso has the most detail, featuring a rubber tie and holster over a heavily wrinkled shirt painted in white and light grey hues that really give it a dingy “I haven’t been home in three days” look, which is appropriate for this workhorse. On the downside, the legs are a solid brown with hardly any wrinkles or other details at all and the joints are a little too noticeable since Gordon, unlike the other Arkham Knight characters, doesn’t have three inches of armor plating to hide his thighs and shins. Gordon’s forearms also lack any sort of texture or unique coloring. For accessories you’ll have a handgun (which does indeed fit in the holster), a walkie-talkie, and an extra hand.

Verdict: I wasn’t as impressed with this one. If you can find one with straight glasses at a good price, get it, or if you’re comfortable snapping them off and gluing them back on, do it. But I wouldn’t spend as much on Gordon as I would on the other Arkham Knight figures.