Teen Titans Go! Digital Issue #25 review

Teen Titans Go! Digital Issue #25: “Tooth and Consequences”

Written by Sholly Fisch

Illustrated Jeremy Lawson

Lettered by Wes Abbott

Ahh, the dentist.  Is there a more maligned and feared profession than that?  It’s weird, too, because it’s effectively a doctor for your teeth.  Not that anybody likes to go to the doctor, mind you, but we’ll at least begrudgingly go to make sure we’re not dying or whatever.  With the dentist, though, it’s like pulling tee…

…having to twist your arm to get a lot of people to go.  What’s up with that?

Granted, my teeth were so bad when I was growing up that I had to have braces not once but twice (baby teeth and adult teeth, totaling about 10 years of wearing hardware), so having to go to dental and orthodontic appointments was almost a lifestyle for me, but the outright fear of the dentist is kind of strange.


…wait, I just remembered how uncomfortable the teeth cleaning process is, with those awful, awful plaque removing rubber thingies.  Yeah, I totally get it.  Moving along.

If that’s not it, whatever is up with that has hold of the Titans, and Robin in particular.

Upon discovering that his teammates aren’t exactly shining examples of dental hygiene and care, Robin takes it upon himself to show the team just how great his teeth cleaning regime is.


He gets really, really didactic about it too, but that’s to be expected.


Doesn’t make it any less annoying, but it’s expected.

Naturally, things take a turn, as Robin chips a tooth and tries everything to avoid getting it taken care of.

This, of course, includes having bionic teeth installed.


With WiFi capabilities.

As one does.

Anyway, the plot is thin, though the always reliable Sholly Fisch wrings at least a few good gags out of it, and series regular Jeremy Lawson provides some serviceable if slightly weird modeled pencils (Robin’s gloves in particular look comically large in more than a few panels).

After a run of two pretty solid and hilarious stories, having a less than stellar outing is to be expected, but it’s still a simple, fun time that’s perfect for families and children.

Unless you’re a dentist.

Recommended if:

  • You like the show.
  • You have kids and want to read a fun all-ages book with them.
  • You’re not a dentist.

Overall: You get what you get with this series.  It’s never groundbreaking or elevated above a formula, but it’s inoffensive, dumb fun.  Don’t think too hard and just enjoy it.

SCORE: 6/10