Did ‘Wonder Woman’ production kick off today?

At 2am this morning, Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics and DCEU movie producer, sent an interesting tweet to Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

Thanks to social media, we know that Gal Gadot, set photographer Clay Enos, and Johns himself have all arrived in England over the last few days. Wonder Woman was scheduled to beginning filming in the fall in London, and we’re right on schedule! I’m speculating, but today being “THE DAY” could mean that production has officially kicked off. Look for an official announcement shortly.

Here at Batman News I made the decision to cover every single DCEU movie, whether Batman has a cameo in it or not. There are unconfirmed rumors that Batman will appear in Wonder Woman, so we’ll have to wait and see. Regardless, sit back and enjoy the best coverage online. The same coverage I brought to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be replicated for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.