Batman Beyond #6 review

Batman Beyond #6 ‘Brave New Worlds Part 6’

Written by: Dan Jurgens

Art by: Bernard Chang

Colors by: Marcelo Maiolo


Cat’s TidBits: What are we expecting from this issue and what can you expect from reading this issue? We can finally see the finale of Brother Eye and Batman’s fight, we get to see more of this Neo-Gotham that has been talked about (or more like destroyed), and we also get to experience the relationship between Micron, Barbara Gordon, and Batman. Does Inque’s daughter get rescued, you’ll definitely see that in the issue. You definitely won’t see Matt complaining on how Batman doesn’t compare to his brother, but that’s another conversation for another time.


To be totally honest, I actually am having a hard time trying to keep up with the storyline. The art is truly amazing, but it can also shadow the actual story, which is what is happening to me. There are so many colors bursting at the seams (yeah I know, there’s a war going on, there should be!), but I want to concentrate on the bigger picture here. Drake is our new Batman and he’s having to find the balance between figuring out how to be like Batman.



See how amazing that art is? That’s been there since the beginning though.

Jurgens is doing a good job with the writing, but when I think of Brave New Worlds, I don’t think of war after war after fight scene after fight scene. Sure, Drake is being brave in this Neo-Gotham, but I need more dialogue. It’s a typical panel where we hear Batman’s thoughts and then Brother Eye giving out his own ‘eye’ dialogue, but it truly is lacking. I do like how the storyline is all connected with the parallels of the old Earth. I do not like that some of the Justice League members were part of his legion as seen in the previous issue, imagine having to fight Superman? I can barely punch the boxing bag without it hurting with my glove on?! Imagine off? Hell, I give kudos to Micron and Drake for having to deal with just that. Am eye the only one getting annoyed with how Brother Eye talks like this? Eye can’t be the only one.


As I mentioned in the beginning, this entire issue of the Brave New Worlds really is just an action-packed scene, there is so much going on, sometimes it was hard to focus on what they were saying. Then when you did try to focus on what they were saying, it was mumbo jumbo dialogue between ‘You can do it’ to ‘I have faith in you’ to ‘This isn’t the way’. Also, really glad that Inque decided to join forces with humanity again. Not cool Inque, not cool. She totally redeems herself at the end with a cost, but at least the end has come to a new beginning. If they made this into a movie, that would actually be awesome. The fight scenes would be so cool! Who else is loving that old school Batman suit, a little on the bulky side, but very effective. Love the court of the owls reference, they’re really bringing every Batman feature into this.




*Warning: Spoilers ahead.*


The Good: The colors are amazing. They truly are. The action scenes are vivid and you can really see how Chang and Maiolo took their time in every detail to put this issue/issues together.


Yay, Batman saved the world. Yet again. Who was worried for a good three seconds though? I know I was.


The Bad: I really would like to see more dialogue than the typical fighting dialogue. The storyline was there and I enjoyed reading Brave New Worlds come to an end, but hopefully this can be improved with the rebuilding of Gotham. Would that make it Neo-Neo-Gotham? Did you like this conclusion that came about since Future’s End?


Recommended If:

  • You still enjoy the balance between Maiolo and Chang’s artistic talents.
  • You love action-packed reading!
  • You want to find out how it all ends.



The way that Drake put himself together as a learning Batman truly intrigued me; I never minded the way he kept on referring back to Batman – McGinnis had himself together. I think we’ve all come to realize that when you get handed to be the next Batman, it’s gonna take more than a day to get your stuff together. With that being said, I’m excited to see what Jurgens is going to give us next, what are your thoughts on it?


Score: 4.5/10