Earth 2: Society #6 review

Earth 2: Society #6 “Godhood”

Written by: Daniel H. Wilson

Art by: Alisson Borges

Colors by: Alejandro Sanchez and Blond


Cat’s TidBits: Doctor Impossible is here, but can these superheroes take him on? We’re dealing with a past and present storyline that continues to explore the way things are now in this Earth 2, but at the same time I expect to see some actual story being portrayed in this issue. We should see the reasons why Jimmy Olsen becomes Doctor Impossible and he brings along a friend just in time too… Hourman.


I would like to take this time to point out that the colors in this issue are amazing! Sanchez and Blond really took their time to point out every detail by Alisson Borges’ art and it brings out the liveliness of the way the story is flowing. With that being said though, the storyline is all over the place. It could be that we focus on the past, several months ago, then the present time and this continues throughout the issue, but they’re sporadic and short. Granted, that you don’t have so many pages to explain a frame, but I would really like to see improvement in the way the storyline is being told. The way I’m comparing it to is when you’re sending something in morse code (I’ve never actually used morse code, ha); the story goes ‘I’ll show you’, stop, ‘I don’t belong’, stop, ‘I miss my father’, stop. Not sure if that makes sense, but I am giving kudos to Wilson, because we’re getting a chance to see the background of all these different characters.



Jimmy Olsen. Poor kid. Am I the only that’s feeling sorry for him? Yeah, I still want our heroes to take him down, but he’s just a kid! I can understand the reason why he’s been feeling this way for the past couple of issues now, but in Earth 2: Society #5, The Flash was able to deal with his self-conscious self, why can’t he? Hourman, he’s an interesting character, but there was not much said by him in this issue. Doctor Impossible basically uses him as a distraction for the superheroes and goes to find an old friend. Can you guess who?


My favorite part of the entire issue was the ending. Why? Because Doctor Impossible is trying to prove himself to everyone (in the worst possible way too, but still trying). You have all of these superheroes that rebuilt the world and have memories from the past that has affected them in one way or another. That fight scene was lacking just a bit. It was quick, but at least we got to see what Hourman has to offer to Doctor Impossible.


**Warning: Spoilers Ahead**


Do you guys think she’ll take the bait?



The Good:

Well, we find out the personal background of Jimmy Olsen. Again, the colors are amazing! It kind of reminds me of Willy Wonka… kind of.


The Bad:

Storyline is lacking and I would like to find out the bigger picture here. Yes, destruction of the new Earth is what the main story is here, but there has to be more!


Recommended If:

  • Jimmy Olsen is one of your favorite characters? I personally don’t care much for him.
  • You enjoy mediocre fight scenes.
  • You want to find out who killed Sloan, but it was pretty obvious who it was after the last issue.



Definitely a good read when it comes to the way that the art was portrayed and honestly I love reading the different character backgrounds that we have been introduced to. I am curious to see where the storyline goes, but I would like to see a change of pace. I still can’t get over the way that the colors are set in Earth 2: Society! Love it.

Score: 5/10