Titans Hunt #2 review

Titans Hunt #2: Trouble Always Finds Me

Written by: Dan Abnett

Art by: Stephen Segovia

Colors by: Hi-Fi


Cat’s TidBits: Lilith’s identify was revealed last week that introduces her as an intriguing character that is just too juicy to stop reading, but unfortunately not much was given in this issue about her. Though, coming back from Dick’s somewhat-dream-but-not-really, we find out that there is more to the story about who these Atlanteans are.  Speedy also continues to seek help for his alcohol problem, but there is a mystery that is waiting to be solved. Also, we have a new character that makes their debut in full costume too! And why is she angry?


I want to point out that the cover is flawless; it’s similar to something you would see in a psychological thriller. It also shadows an eery feeling that I’ve been having when reading Titans Hunt. This storyline is one that will get you to think about other possibilities that are happening in the background; You have to really pay attention to what’s going on in order to get the full picture. We leave off from finding out that Lilith is an addictions counselor, but as seen in the last issue, has files on Wonder Girl, Robin, Herald, Hawk, Dove, Caveboy, and Aqualad. I am loving the mystery behind it all and it is being written by Abnett in a delicate manner.


Speedy, get yourself together son! Drinking and driving, not so good. Although this shows that his weaknesses are finally catching up to him, we are also introduced to a familiar, yet blurry, face while he’s out and about trying to meet with Lilith. I’m dancing with the devil and making obvious assumptions that Speedy’s hurry to speak with Lilith is to remember his something that happened in his past, but I am also holding back on that thought.

This would probably freak me out too, Speedy.


Alfred you sarcastic dog you! His personality adds so much flavor to this issue in just the couple of frames that he comes out in. Alfred has always been that character that pretty much gets along with anyone who comes across the Batcave, but I still love seeing when he is his own character and shines through in comic books. The picture below made me laugh out loud on the last frame when I read it. Yeah Alfred, I’m surprised you still haven’t gotten used to it by now. The relationship he has with Dick in this issue is pretty basic to what we usually see, but it leaves you with that ‘I feel good’ mood when you’re reading it, then we go back to the real issue– Who are these Atlanteans? Who was that mysterious woman in the first issue that is on the hunt? So many questions, but at least in the end we get just a few answers.



Titans Hunt is a comic book you are going to love to be reading and it’s going at the right pace too. There are some comic books that the writers tend to rush on, because they just want to put out all of their characters, but Abnett does an amazing job at keeping the story in a pace that you are able to understand and actually makes you want to read again to make sure you didn’t miss a thing. When it comes to the artwork, I’m not complaining. It is the right type of art for the type of story that it is and I commend these artists on that. I know I didn’t mention Malcolm Duncan so much, but right now he’s just a hidden filler. I’m excited to see where that’s going to go, but my money is right on the ending of this issue. Guess we’re going to wait until Titans Hunt #3: Friends Like These comes out!


The Good:

The writing is spot on! Abnett takes the tone of the characters in the right direction and the style of the writing is one that will make you want to keep on reading over and over again. In fact, I went back and read the first issue again twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything.


The Bad:

This is me being picky now, but I wish we could’ve seen more about Lilith’s connection to Speedy and the other Titans. We obviously know that she’s an addictions counselor and also came to Dick in a dream, but that’s basically it.



I am excited and eager to see what the upcoming issue is going to be about. Our mystery woman is not so mysterious anymore, but let’s see how it all comes together in the end. Dick’s detective skills are on point to the storyline and now I’m wondering how it’s going to connect to Speedy. You get a series of different stories that either take up a couple of pages or only has one, but I don’t feel like the story is rushed and you can tell that the puzzle piece is fitting perfectly to the bigger picture. What are your theories on the upcoming issue?


Score: 8.5/10