Report: Don’t expect Jessica Chastain to play Mera in ‘Aquaman’, but expect this villain

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Fans will tell you that Jessica Chastain their favorite to play Mera, the wife of Aquaman, because she has the red hair and curves that they’re used to seeing in the comics. She also happens to be a fantastic actor and would be a welcome addition to the DCEU, but according to a new report from Joblo, she probably won’t even be in the running for the role.


“I’ve also heard that the studio is currently looking to cast a “non-white” actress in the role, which would match up with lead Jason Momoa’s mixed race status (part Native Hawaiian/German, Irish, Native American). What does that mean for Mera’s physical appearance in the DCEU? Well, it would certainly be a deviation from her comic book origins, where she is traditionally caucasion with red hair, but then again, Momoa is most certainly not caucasion, clean cut, and blonde, so that direct translation from page to screen has already been nipped in the bud there. So, at this point, don’t expect a Jessica Chastain or Bryce Dallas Howard as Mera, which seems like fairly obvious choices for the role given her current comics appearance.”

Joblo also claims to have some inside info on who will be the villain in Jason Momoa’s 2018 Aquaman movie:

“Many comic fans commonly reference Black Manta as Aquaman’s primary villain (a la Batman’s Joker), but it’s actually someone much closer to him in more ways than one. I’m told that OCEAN MASTER aka Orm Marius/Curry aka Aquaman’s half brother is the villain that’s currently being developed to square off with the King of Atlantis in his first solo outing, which is said to be reminiscent of the comic struggles of the duo in a brother-vs-brother fight for the throne of Atlantis”

Several writers were working on the Aquaman script for the last year, but Warner Bros. just hired David Leslie Johnson to come in and pen the final draft. Producer Charles Roven confirmed that director James Wan will begin working on Aquaman as soon as he wraps up his current project, The Conjuring 2.

This should all be taken as rumors for now, but Joblo has been reliable in the past so it’s worth discussing. Do you like these alleged plans, or would you prefer they go in a different direction? Let me know in the comments below.