Justice League 3001 #5 review

Justice League 3001 #5: Before the Storm!

Written by: DeMatteis and Giffen

Art by: Howard Porter

Colors by: Hi-Fi


Cat’s TidBits: Last month, the issue involved Teri-Flash and the testing of her abilities with Mirror Master, but also some questions that led us to believe that Lois Lane’s identity was almost given away, but then the story would have been too boring if that would have happened, right? Or maybe not? In this issue, Batman takes on Batman? Wait, what?


If you have been keeping up with the story, then you are in for the next what I call ‘episodes’ of learning more about a different character, which in this issue is Batman! But first, the story takes into the account of Green Lantern’s trapped in a female body story as she is recalling some memories that aren’t hers. As I have been reading Justice League 3001, I have come to realize that this trade is very female-oriented. Which I totally love! I have been telling everyone that we need our female superheroes to shine through above these machismos. I do admit that I enjoy the fact that Gardner is inside this female body, we get both of both worlds by his/her thoughts.


The storyline was all over the place in this issue (and has been since the last issue), but I think the specific thing that is annoying me is the transition of one story to the other. With that being said, I enjoyed when Supergirl took the reigns and helped out Batman, yup, Batman needed help. Want to know in what context? I’ll put the spoiler below. Like I mentioned, very female-oriented and there’s been a couple of times in previous issues where Diana has explained how they don’t need men to worry about them, because they can do what these male superheroes can do. DeMatteis and Giffen are doing an ‘okay’ job at the moment, but I would like to see improvement on the way things are being told. I don’t know why, but I often feel confused when Lois Lane comes into the frame; It could also be that she’s annoying me with wanting to ruin the Justice League.




It’s funny reading this comic book, because you’re not getting your typical serious Batman. He really is a different Batman than what we are used to and I’m glad to see that we were able to see another villain addition to Lois’ plan to destroy the Justice League. Bane should be an interesting character to Lois Lane’s erratic behavior and we should, stressing on the word should, see some conflict. It’s taking some getting used to, because there are a lot of time-skips, but I find myself laughing at least once every two pages. This comic book really is a different experience for the reader if you are used to reading a more ‘serious’ comic book.




Can you believe that we get to see what shenanigans Harley Quinn has up her sleep in the next issue?!


The Good:

This comic book really does have its funny moments! I was laughing when Green Lantern was complaining about having memories of wanting kids, Supergirl carrying Batman, and even when Lois Lane was getting upset at Bane for basically throwing around her lifeless body.


The Bad:

There truly isn’t a serious conflict at the moment. Yes, we are dealing with come-and-go characters, but other than that, the Justice League have been gliding on through with their missions. Lois (Or Ariel) complains about it in every issue, maybe every other third page too.


Recommended If:

  • You enjoy Lois Lane being a whiny villain.
  • If Batman getting help from a girl doesn’t bother you.
  • You want to know more about each character.



I definitely will recommend this comic book as DeMatteis and Giffen continue to pick up the momentum as these issues keep coming along. The art is really well; I was upset at some points, because their faces look lazy and does not match their other body, but it also goes along with the way that the story is being told. I am enjoying the girl power attitude that you get from reading the comic book, so I can’t complain there!


Score: 6/10