Earth 2: Society #7 review

Earth 2: Society #7 “Justice”

Written by: Daniel H. Wilson

Art by: Jorge Jimenez and Alisson Borges

Colors by: Alejandro Sanchez and Blond


Cat’s TidBits: New Earth has descended upon us, but Doctor Impossible apparently wants to go back to how things were with Helena’s help? This issue brings the threat of Doctor Impossible with the Source Vault and can our Superheroes fight together to defeat him?


Coming from the last issue, we ended with Doctor Impossible proposing the idea that Helena could get her father back if she helped him with turning on the Source Vault. Obviously in the previous Earth, Batman had died and this was something that she was struggling with on her own. This for me was believable. You find the weakest person in the group that can help you and try to tempt them with something that they want so bad. In this situation, Helena was the weakest link. She even went so far to go against Power Girl who has been there for her this entire time.


Totally love that scar she has on her face!


Green Lantern was the main person in this issue and has been pretty distant for most of the comic book. He helped the superheroes in New Earth to establish their grounds and basically left. This was the most that we have gotten out of him and I’m not sure if I like his personality…yet. He’s completely serious, which I get that he has to be since he needs to be in the right state of mind to save Earth, but he’s also meticulous about the things that he’s going to do. In a way, he talks like a philosopher who is trying to find out what the next plan is going to be. That was new. All these different characters have their personality which Wilson grants them with humor and sarcasm, but Green Lantern was completely different.




I will never get over how amazing the colors are in this comic book! I love, love, love it. Every page is so distinct with the way it is, but I find the fact that the colors complement the storyline. This is New Earth that we’re talking about. Wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t snazzy and all that jazz. Though, Blond does not overdo the colors and I like that about this comic book. I seriously love reading this comic book, because the art and colors are always really good.




The Good:

So, I like that we finally got to see more of Green Lantern and what he’s all about. Something that was mentioned a couple of times was how he was the “heart of the planet” and it makes sense to the way that he perceives himself to other characters throughout the comic book. The art and colors never fail!


The Bad:

I’m unsure about where the storyline is going to go now as we don’t have a conflict and honestly, I expected more of a battle between Doctor Impossible and his sidekick.


Recommended If:

  • You can appreciate the art throughout the comic book.
  • Green Lantern is your fave character.
  • You actually thought Doctor Impossible could take down our superheroes.



I don’t have any major complaints about Earth 2: Society and the art is just too good for me to even let go. We get to see the different personalities of characters that haven’t been able to share the spotlight with our major players, but in this issue you can appreciate the way that Wilson wrote them in the story. The conflict that has been built up since the beginning has now come to an end and now we can get to see where the storyline will be taken to and I’m curious to see what we have in store.


Score: 7/10