First look at Christian Bale’s ‘The Dark Knight’ skin in ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ (video)

Rocksteady has released the final episode of Batman: Arkham Insider for 2015, and it’s packed with lots of goodies! First off, they show footage from the upcoming December DLC pack which will feature Ra’s Al Ghul, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, and more!

Next, we get to see Christian Bale’s Batsuit skin from The Dark Knight in action in a Batman: Arkham game. Finally!

The video ends with a little bit of a tease. When Rocksteady game director Sefton Hill is asked if they’re truly done with Batman, there’s suddenly some “technical difficulties”. Hopefully we hear what Rocksteady is working on next soon… and hopefully it involves the Dark Knight in one way or another!


In the final Arkham Insider of 2015, get all the info you need to prepare for the Season of Infamy, coming on December 22. We also give you an exclusive first look at the 2008 Movie Batman Skin, and the story of how it was made from our Game Director, Sefton Hill.

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