Nicole Kidman’s ‘Wonder Woman’ role is still up for grabs

In early November it was reported that Nicole Kidman was in talks for a major role in Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Later that month, Warner Bros. put out a press release announcing the cast, and Kidman’s name was missing. Another beautiful blonde actress, Robin Wright, was listed instead, and many fans assumed that she landed the role that Kidman was in talks for. Not so fast!

Variety reporter Justin Kroll just shared some interesting info about this story on Twitter. According to Kroll, Kidman wasn’t able to take the Wonder Woman role due to scheduling issues, and Warner Bros. is still deciding what to do with the role that’s believed to be Hippolyta.

One option would be to give it to Robin Wright, while the other is to find a new star. Wright closed her deal before Warner Bros. even approached Kidman, so it’ll be interesting to see what Warner Bros. decides to do with the Hippolyta role.

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