Michael Caine shares touching story about his grandson and Batman (video)

60 Minutes just did a big story on Michael Caine and his movie career. Christopher Nolan even appeared to explain why he cast him in every one of his movies since Batman Begins. The reason, according to Nolan, is because of the warmth, humor, and grounded humanity that he brings to the audience.

But the best part of the new interview was when they showed Caine with his grandchildren. Caine said that he’s the happiest grandfather in the world, and then told a touching story about his grandson.

“I was watching cartoons on television and a commercial came on for one of the Batman series where I play the butler,” Caine explained. “My grandson looked up at me and said ‘do you know Batman?’ I said ‘yes’. He said ‘really?’ I said ‘yes, I know him very well’. And he told all the boys at school ‘my grandpa knows Batman! Does your grandpa know Batman?'”

Check out the story in his own words in the video below.

SOURCE: 60 Minutes