March 2016 Solicitations

DC recently announced its solicitations for March of 2016. There aren’t any major callouts, but I feel like DC is holding back some information as they still haven’t posted the titles in the March section of their main Comics page (which also means the high resolution images of the covers aren’t posted either, so you’ll have to due to low res.). Regardless, March should be pretty exciting as some lucky titles have managed to reach their 50th issue, so we all know what that means… it’ll be an extra-sized issue! This is also a five week month, but there are no Annuals listed. I figured there would at least be a few for titles that aren’t extended. DC will also release Batman v Superman themed variant covers in March. Since the art for these covers haven’t been released, the cover poll will be posted at a later date. .

Alright, if you’re still with me, below you’ll find the solicitations for each issue, as well as the cover art (if DC has released it). As a reminder, I’m not putting the talent credits in this post because there’s already a ton of information here. Make sure you give me a piece of your mind in the comments! I want to hear what you’re excited about, worried about, your predictions, etc… If you have something to say, I want to know!



March 2nd

Batman & Robin Eternal #22
It’s the catastrophic conclusion of the acclaimed weekly series that brings together all of Batman’s one-time partners! Mother’s trap has been sprung, and the whole world is feeling her wrath! Can Dick Grayson pull together his allies to fight an entire army of foes? Is one among them still under Mother’s control? And what will become of Cassandra Cain? You won’t believe how huge this battle can become!

This script is by Valentine! I’m in!!!



Batman 66 Uncle 4
Batman ’66 Meets the Man From U.N.C.L.E. #4
T.H.R.U.S.H.’s mysterious new leader puts Batman, Robin, Solo and Kuryakin in the ultimate death trap—a deserted island filled with deadly devices engineered by the likes of Poison Ivy and Scarecrow. Robbed of all of their gadgets, how will our crime-fighting castaways ever make it home alive?



Batman Beyond 10
Batman Beyond #10
Captured by the Splicers, Batman is set to become the latest guinea pig in their DNA experiments! His only hope may be the very thing that got him into this mess, as Matt’s investigations into history’s greatest heroes—long thought dead in the war with Brother Eye—finally bears fruit: enter the Justice League Beyond!



Bombshells 10
DC Comics Bombshells #10
While Lex Luthor continues to manipulate events behind the scenes, Kate Kane remains in the clutches of the Nazi Edel Nacht, who lays out his plans for world conquest. The inexperienced Huntress is determined to go rescue her, with or without Catwoman’s help. And Zatanna makes plans to cause trouble in the outside world, even as she remains imprisoned in the Joker’s Daughter’s cabaret.



Detective Comics 50
Detective Comics #50
Jim Gordon faces his past in this extra-sized conclusion to his most shocking cold case yet. With history itself forcing him to reflect on the last year as Batman, Gordon must make a decision about what his future holds in Gotham City.



Injustice Year 5 5
Injustice: Gods Among Us Year 5 #5
A major rift develops between Batman and Catwoman as she questions how his use of villains in the Insurgency makes him any better than Superman. Meanwhile, Bizarro takes on a bunch of bad guys, and Raven finally makes her return. But is she back to help Superman, or does she have another agenda?



Midnighter 10
Midnighter #10
It’s Midnighter versus the Suicide Squad, round two—unfortunately, Parasite came very, very prepared! Have they found a way to set a trap from which Midnighter can’t think his way out?



March 9th


Batman & Robin Eternal #23

Another script by Valentine!


Batman Superman 30
Batman/ Superman #30
The mystery of why Batman and Superman were brought into a cosmic murder case is revealed—and the ramifications for Superman are huge!


Batman TMNT 4
Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4
With the possibility existing that they might never get home, the Turtles take up residence at Wayne Manor. Everyone seems to be adapting except for Raphael, who still can’t understand why his friends all trust this Bat-person. So Batman takes the skeptical Turtle on a trip down Crime Alley to tell Raph what led him to don the cape and cowl in the first place. Co-published with IDW.



Catwoman #50
Catwoman behind bars?! Thrown into jail with criminals who are still looking to collect a bounty on her head, Selina has to work with her shadowy helper, Mr. Blond, in order to escape and get to the bottom of the mystery behind the Frost Diamond. Shocking revelations will be made before the end of this extra-sized conclusion to Tieri and Miranda’s “On the Run” adventure!



Earth 2 Society 10
Earth 2 Society #10
While Batman and his allies fight to keep their city safe from organized crime, Green Lantern and his wonders struggle to prevent the world from toppling into all-out war. But Hawkgirl may have just uncovered a global threat greater than either of those dangers…one that has come with them all the way from Old Earth…the world-changing intentions of the mighty and secret Amazons!



Gotham Academy 16
Gotham Academy #16
It’s “Yearbook” part 3! As Olive and the gang continue to help Maps with her yearbook project, they recall some of the crazier escapades from the past year! Including stories from writer James Tynion IV (BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNAL, CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER) and artists Christian Wildgoose (VERTIGO CMYK) and Ken Niimura (I Kill Giants)!



New Suicide Squad 20
New Suicide Squad #18
Officially “killed in action,” the Suicide Squad considers what to do with their newfound freedom—but not for long, as their mysterious liberator reveals his own dark reasons for aiding them in their escape—reasons that drag the members of Task Force X deep into the heart of evil in the DC Universe.



Red Hood Arsenal 10
Red Hood/ Arsenal #10
Terror in D.C.! When Red Hood and Arsenal hit the nation’s capital, trouble is not far behind! But believe it or not, battling H.I.V.E. terrorists aboard a battleship in the Potomac isn’t the biggest challenge facing our heroes. The true challenge will be whether Joker’s Daughter can survive therapy!




March 16th


Batman & Robin Eternal #24


Black Canary 10
Black Canary #10
Dinah dives deeper into the past of the mysterious white ninja—along a trail that takes her deep into the heart of Europe, and face-to-face with a bizarre new enemy!


Dark Knight III: The Master Race #4
The Master Race will rise. Cities will fall. Bruce Wayne is dead. What will the heroes of the world do to save it?


Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five #6
The moment everyone has been waiting for: Damian finally dons the costume of Nightwing. But what motivates him to do so—and what does he think it will accomplish? The answer may reveal itself when he encounters Catwoman, who seems to have returned to her criminal ways. Plus, Superman takes on Solomon Grundy!


Justice League 49
Justice League #49
In this, the penultimate chapter of the critically-acclaimed epic “Darkseid War,” the fate of the Justice League and the entire universe is on the line! But can even the combined might of the Justice Gods contend with the secret machinations of Grail, the deadly daughter of Darkseid? Death, rebirth and the life of one of the members of the League changed forever!



Poison Ivy 3
Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life & Death #3
As the murder investigation at the lab deepens, a new surprise awaits Poison Ivy in the form of the growing hatched sporelings! As these new lifeforms test the limits of their power, will they soon outgrow the need for their creator?



Robin 10
Robin, Son of Batman #10
The Son of Batman faces the Son of Lu’un Darga! Damian, Maya, Goliath and their new friends seek out Talia al Ghul in order to fight back against the rising threat of the Lu’un Darga family, only to come face to face with the rival clan’s champion, young Den Darga! Has Damian finally met his match?


Titans Hunt #6
Titans Hunt #6
A traitor in their midst! As Mister Twister relentlessly tightens his grip, our heroes band together to crack open one of the greatest mysteries in DC history! But if they can’t trust their own memories, they certainly can’t trust each other…and with good reason. One of them is not who they seem to be!



March 23rd  

Batman 50
Batman #50
Batman has returned to Gotham City! In this extra-sized conclusion to Snyder and Capullo’s epic story “Superheavy,” Bruce Wayne returns to the cape and cowl to battle Mr. Bloom alongside Jim Gordon for the fate of the city they both love.


Batman & Robin Eternal #25


Deathstroke 16
Deathstroke #16
Aww yeah—it’s Deathstroke versus Red Hood! If Slade Wilson wants to find his missing daughter, he’ll need to escape the sights of the deadliest Bat-family member of them all. Who’s behind all the firepower being thrown at Deathstroke? Stay tuned for the answer!


Grayson 18
Grayson #18
At last, the spy stands alone. Now an agent of multiple masters, Grayson must go rogue from them all, find the truth within the web of lies, and take down Spyral once and for all.


Harley 26
Harley Quinn #26
In the aftermath of her encounter with The Joker, Harley’s head is spinning, and she wants nothing more than to get back to her normal life…but she should know by now there’s no such thing! A new era in Harley’s life is beginning, and she has NO idea what’s coming at her!



JL 3001 10
Justice League 3001 #10
After a brutal defeat by Lady Styx’s legion, the remaining members of the Justice League are forced into hiding—but there are eyes everywhere. How do you hide in plain sight? You create secret identities. But will that be enough to elude Styx’s deadliest bounty hunter, Eclipso?



Secret Six 12
Secret Six #12
Tragedy from the past strikes at Strix, just as she has found a new family of oddballs in the Secret Six. Even worse, the League of Assassins wants to recruit her and refuses to take “no” for an answer! Can even the deadliest Talon face the impossible threat of Shiva?

I’m seriously looking forward to this arc!


Katana Deadshot 3
Suicide Squad’s Most Wanted: Deadshot/ Katana #3
After Deadshot discovers a shocking secret about his daughter, he’s forced to go toe to toe against the Suicide Squad—and their newest member!

Meanwhile, the mysterious strangers who stepped between Katana and certain death reveal themselves! And while the Suicide Squad may not have heard of the Soultaker, their handler Amanda Waller wants to make sure that Katana is free only as long as she’s helping them take down Kobra!


Teen Titans 18
Teen Titans #18
“Who Is Wonder Girl?” Cassie finally learns the truth about her father and her powers—but her mission puts her on a collision course with Wonder Woman, and it may change the Teen Titans forever!



We Are Robin 10
We Are Robin #10
The Jokers have taken over Middleton High! Duke and Riko are trapped inside as average students—can Dax and Izzy get to them in time? And could Dre really have joined the side of the Jokers? In a final showdown between the Robins and the Jokers, Duke and his team will be put to the ultimate test of loyalty.



March 30th


Batgirl 50
Batgirl #50
It’s the explosive conclusion of the epic that changed Barbara Gordon forever! The enemy lurking at the edges of Batgirl’s life has been revealed, as have the gang of heroes assembled to help her! From this point on, Batgirl doesn’t walk alone! It’s an extra-sized celebration of the greatest hero Burnside has ever known, from Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr!

So… the solicitation doesn’t say that it’s the final issue… but it kind of sounds that way right? I hope so! Or at least the end for this team. I have a sinking suspicion that if that’s the case, then we might get a new Birds of Prey book. It could explain the major delays that have occurred for both Batgirl and Black Canary… The last thing I want is a BoP book with this creative team… especially if its roster consists of the team featured above. (I mean, seriously, what’s up with Harper being here?)


BR Eternal 26
Batman & Robin Eternal 26



Justice League of America #9
With Earth as collateral damage, the Kryptonian deity called Rao has the Justice League on the ropes! It would take a miracle to defeat him. Good thing the League makes miracles look easy…