NFL star Josh Norman goes on a Batman rant against “Two-Face” Odell Beckham Jr.

If you’re not into sports, I’ll try to summarize briefly. Yesterday the Carolina Panthers played the New York Giants. Panthers star Josh Norman and Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. got into it all throughout the day, with Beckham Jr. being the aggressor.

At the end there, you can see Odell Beckham Jr. launch himself helmet first, right into the head of Josh Norman. That’s a big no-no in the NFL, and earned Beckham Jr. a one game suspension.

Now here’s where Batman comes in! Odell Beckham Jr. wore special Joker cleats during his game last week.

Today during an interview on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike, Norman explained that Beckham Jr. is more like Harvey Dent/Two-Face than the Joker.

“And yeah, that man had the Joker cleats on, he knew what he was doing. That man knows what he was doing. That’s no Joker, man, that’s no Joker. That’s Harvey Dent, that’s Two-Face. That’s who he is.

“I can respect the Joker because at least he would give me a sweet contest. He would give me a sweet epic battle, but that right there was a melee. How can you respect a guy like that, that was ridiculous,” he said.

And this story is exactly why the Batman News Culture section exists. Batman is everywhere, and a huge part of pop culture!