Titans Hunt #3 review

Titans Hunt #3 “Friends Like These”

Written by: Dan Abnett

Art by: Paulo Siqueira

Colors by: Hi-Fi


Cat’s TidBits: Picking up right from where we left off, the Amazonian is in the picture now and she’s got some anger coming towards Dick’s way. There are still a lot of unanswered questions that we have about these memories that Arsenal and Dick keep having. They bring back Lilith (Roy’s addiction counselor) that can hopefully give us more information on what the hell is going on!


AH! I cannot get enough of Titans Hunt and I can’t wait to read the next issue already. Okay, so it happened. Donna Troy is in the picture and is having the same exact memories that our main characters keep having. Obviously, we are learning bits and pieces about what’s been happening to every single one of them, but it’s all connected. Lilith is also back in this issue and we start to see a mysterious villain threatening her.


Can I just bring up how hilarious it was to see Dick actually get freaked out by our Atlantean and Amazonian fighting? That was too funny! And then when he started talking to himself as if Batman were there training him all over again was just icing on the cake. This is something that I love about Abnett’s writing. We have the overall tone of a mysterious storyline waiting to unfold, but at the same time humor at appropriate times.




This is probably the first time that we see the words ‘Teen Titans’ in this comic book and it stumped our main characters in their tracks. It seems as though this “club house” could’ve been their gathering point where they would get together and do superhero stuff. I think the most interesting part of all of this is the fact that Abnett is taking his time in giving us hints here and there, but at the same time making us (especially me) crave more for the story.


So after the scuffle that Roy got himself into, but thankfully Gnarrk comes through and helps him out. In the most perfect way that he could’ve helped him out too. Check it.



With everything that has been going on. We have other storylines that are starting to connect. There’s a shrieking, whisper-type music that all of our main characters can hear. “The music stops being music. It becomes something unknown but horribly familiar.” It ends with this noise, but we have new players on the field.






The Good: The writing! Gosh, it’s too good. The pace of the story keeps everything exactly where it’s supposed to be. Honestly, this comic book is better than Teen Titans and I am content with just this.


The Bad: I actually don’t care so much about Garth at this point (he’s the Atlantean by the way…). I’m not so sure what his purpose is, but he is connected by having these same memories too. We shall see what he brings to the game.


Recommended If:

  • You enjoy Abnett’s writing. Let’s be real. It’s PRETTY good.
  • You’re not happy with Teen Titans and enjoy the hunt more.
  • Donna Troy is your gal!



I am truly enjoying this comic book and I am actually happy to where the story is. Yes, I want to know more about this villain that Lilith keeps having visions about (and now auditory hallucinations too…), but I like the pace. It’s at a good spot right now and I can’t wait to read the next issue. If you saw the spoiler I posted, I’m excited. How is this duo going to be connected as well?


Score: 8.5/10