General Mills just launched ‘Batman v Superman’ cereal

You may have seen a sneak peek at this a few weeks ago from DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns, but now it’s official! General Mills has announced that it’s teaming up with Warner Bros. to launch two new flavors of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cereal. “Batman Chocolate Strawberry” and “Superman Caramel Crunch” should start appearing on store shelves in the US and Canada this week.

“Superman and Batman continue to appeal to the generations of fans that have enjoyed them for decades, as well as new Super Hero fans experiencing them for the first time,” says Alan Cunningham, senior marketing manager, Cereal Innovation, at General Mills. “So it doesn’t get much more exciting for us than having the opportunity to feature these iconic characters on their two new cereals.”

Superman Caramel Crunch pieces are shaped like the Superman shield. The pieces in Batman Chocolate Strawberry are modeled after the Batman emblem.

“We spent extensive time and effort to develop the flavors and look of these cereals, and their packaging, so that they will match the incredible quality of the characters they feature,” says Alan.

The two cereals will officially debut at the Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans, later this week (January 8-10).


Fans on social media are encouraged to “choose a side” and let their followers know where their allegiance stands using #BatmanCereal, #SupermanCereal, or #SuperheroCereal if you like both!

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SOURCE: General Mills