Teen Titans Go! Digital-Issue #27 review

Teen Titans Go! Digital-Issue #27: “Upgrade, Downgrade”

Written by Ivan Cohen

Illustrated by Marcelo Di Chiara

Colored by Franco Riesco

Lettered by Wes Abbott

The Titans are back, and what better way to spend some time with them than watching Beast Boy play a video game and/or watching Cyborg install a new antivirus program?!




…yeah.  It’s actually a fiendish ruse to hack the Tower’s defenses, put forth by the most nefarious duo in all of comics.

That’s right, none other than…


I think they were on Young Justice. Don't act like you don't know.
I think they were on Young Justice. Don’t act like you don’t know.

Their attack is actually pretty clever: the video game serves as a Trojan Horse (which is also its name, because subtlety) while the “security upgrade” is actually malware meant to compromise the system and give Brain and Mallah access to the Tower’s infrastructure.

Unfirtunately, they didn’t account for Robin being a total square and stickler for following the rules.


This book is at its best when it allows the illustrator free reign to throw in as many sight gags as they can, and Marcelo Di Chiara definitely brings his A-game here.


Ivan Cohen gets in some good lines, but it’s the visuals that really elevate this above what it could have been.  My personal favorite gag involved Cyborg’s defense layout after the Tower goes into lockdown.

Hint: more lasers.

And sharks, I guess.
And sharks, I guess.

Its goofy, silly fun, and while there isn’t much heft to it, it’s great for a laugh and to share with younger readers.

If nothing else, it recognizes the crime fighting potential of pizza.


And that’s real.

Recommended if: 

  • You love the show.
  • You have kids you want to enjoy comics with.
  • You just need a few laughs for a buck.
  • Pizza, guys.
  • Pizza.

Overall: Like I always say, it may be kind of dumb, but sometimes that’s all you need.  Comics should be fun, and even though it’s pretty lightweight and not to everyone’s taste, these Teen Titans are great for a laugh or three.

SCORE: 8/10