Catwoman #48 review

Catwoman 48

Catwoman #48 “Run Like Hell” Part 2
Written by Frank Tieri
Art by Inaki Miranda
Colors by Eva de la Cruz

Last month I gave Tieri’s debut an 8.5/10, which wasn’t received too well by a few people. I’ll agree that my score may have been a little inflated because I was expecting something worse than the product that was delivered, but I don’t think I’d go as far as to say that the issue was “mediocre at best.” Now, I’m not saying you’re wrong if you thought that – everyone has their personal preference – I just didn’t see it that way. While the narrative may have been your standard heist plot, the characterization was on-point and above average. But I knew the true test would be this issue.

Last month we saw Selina separate herself from the Calabrese family, and fully embrace her identity as Catwoman again. There was, I admit, a paint-by-numbers heist in the issue, but it was still fun and sleek, with Selina as strong, edgy, and sexy as we’d hoped she would be. We were able to see Catwoman go back to her roots and do what she does best; something that I think was needed not only for readers to reboot a little, but for Selina as a character. My biggest problem with the last issue was that Selina’s fence was found dead at the end. For those of you keeping count, this is the third time this has happened since the launch of the New 52. So how does this issue fair? Is it more recycled storytelling, or was my score last month a decent reflection of the things to come?

I’m going to say that my score last month is a reflection of things to come (aka: it’s pretty damn good). What I was afraid might take place in this issue is far from what we received. The opening scene with the NYPD completely hooked me, and it wasn’t what I expected at all. I’m not going to give it away at the moment (I’ll save the discussion for my breakdowns at the end of my review), but I will tell you that it’s not standard fair, and it leans more towards the darker/ realistic side of life. Beyond the plot, the actual script for this scene is superb! Selina’s internal monologue, as well as her interaction with the detective, is master class.


Tieri also continues the path that was laid before him. Yes, Selina has left the Calabrese family, and hasn’t looked back. Yes, she is separating herself from the mob world and it’s ties, but the creative team still acknowledges that history. Fortunately for us (or unfortunately for Selina), that world isn’t finished with her. It turns out that the diamond Selina stole belongs to the Penguin, putting the two at odds with one another for an unpleasant reunion. And unfortunately, Selina’s strongest ally in Gotham, the Calabrese family, is in a world of trouble on their own.


With hardly anyone to turn to, Catwoman contacts the few allies she has available to her to get some support for this miss. Heavily featuring Penguin, Tesla, and two additional rogues from Gotham, this issue results in another fun, high energy read. But if Selina is going to make it through her current situation, she’s going to need to be careful concerning who she trusts.


The Art: This is the second glimpse of Miranda’s take on the art. There are times that I look at it, and I absolutely love it, and then there are times that I just think, “Yeah… it’s good.” If there’s one thing that become clear in this issue, it’s that stylistically – concerning the characters at least – Batman Returns is a big inspiration. The change to Selina’s appearance, despite its validity, was the first sign. Tieri even through a joke in as a nod. Then the moment I saw Miranda’s interpretation of Penguin, it was clear.

I am happy to say that the fashion in this issues looks more street wear than run-way, and Selina’s make-up doesn’t make her look like some new-age chick that works for MAC cosmetics and is trying to prove she’s bold by making daring make-up choices. The strength in the art is its overall tone. The best way I can describe it is “sleek,” and it’s very fitting for the book. What I’ve yet to figure out though, is what’s providing that tone more – the art or the script?



Breakdowns can be found in the spoiler tag.



Recommended If:

  • You enjoy a book with good twists.
  • You’re a fan of Catwoman.
  • You enjoyed Tieri’s launch last month.
  • You hoped that Tieri would continue some plots/relationships from Valentine’s run, and into his own.


Overall: Tieri’s Catwoman is a fun, high energy read with colorful plots and gritty characters. The twists will keep you guessing as the mystery behind this ever-growing ordeal continues to unfold. For those of you that were waiting to get a pulse on the new creative team, I’d say you’re safe. Go pick up this issue!

SCORE: 8.0/10

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