Earth 2: Society #8 review

Earth 2: Society #8 review

Written by: Dan Abnett

Art by: Jorge Jimenez

Colors by: Alejandro Sanchez


Cat’s TidBits: Earth-2 is becoming just a little more complicated as our heroes are attempting to figure out the best way to control all the issues that have come since they terraformed the planet. So who’s going to be the main leader?


Once again, I find myself applauding the amazing artwork and colors that go into this comic book. One of the main reasons that I love reading this comic book is solely on the artwork that goes into it; I think this has to be my favorite so far, especially since it plays well into the futuristic world that we’re getting to discover as each issue comes out. We find ourselves learning more about Hawkgirl, who has been flying around our new Earth to see if she finds anything. There is something that I want to point out when I read this story; a lot of the dialogue sounds very technical. I noticed this a lot when I was reading our heroes talk among themselves; it can either take you out of the story or keep you intrigued when reading. Guess it depends on you.


Hawkgirl discovers these battle-ready Amazonians who are trying to take her down in the beginning. That came out of nowhere. I was content when I saw that they appeared in the issue, because Abnett always includes new mysteries that keep unfolding when I read the comic book. We dealt with Doctor Impossible in the last issue and I was curious to see where the story went from there, but this was a nice touch. If this isn’t one story that I’m intrigued to find out where it goes, we also have to deal with our heroes and the power struggle that they’re encountering. The people in Earth-2 are worried about how these superheroes will blend with this new Earth, considering that they were one of the reasons why they had to find another planet to live on. Green Lantern proves to be the main leader as they’re conversing in their conference room, but it seems as though someone else might be stepping over his toes by speaking out that perhaps this new Earth would be best without having heroes fight.


There is still so much mystery behind Green Lantern and how he goes about things. By this point, we can see that he is seen as the leader, because he basically helped create this new Earth, but it could come back to bite him, because these heroes can easily be swayed to vote against him in anything that he may suggest. There’s apparently a lot of issues that are happening around Earth-2 and I’m assuming that Abnett included this in the story to prepare us for things in upcoming issues.

Green Lantern proves that he’s the main leader by even showing how easily he can handle issues that come forward to him. No wonder the people of Earth-2 are afraid of him though.

The Good: This issue is preparing us for a greater story and I’m quite intrigued to see where it’s going to go. Artwork is always amazing and I feel that they used the art and colors for Green Lantern to portray him as the leadership roles that these heroes are presenting. Fury is now part of our story too!


The Bad: The only concern I had when reading this issue were the technical terms that I mentioned in the beginning. It’s something that sounded very ‘robotic’ rather than the voice of the character, but that’s me being picky.


Recommended If:

  • You appreciate art and the way it’s perfectly tied within the story.
  • Hawkgirl and Green Lantern are one of your favorite characters.


Overall: Abnett isn’t afraid to use multiple storylines within one issue and we’ve come to see that he’s been doing this a lot since Earth 2: Society started. The pacing of the comic book is exactly where I want it to be; I’m not really going to complain on anything with this issue, because I truly enjoyed it. I’m going to share this picture of Fury, because it was my favorite art scene in the entire issue — great work guys!

Seriously! How beautiful does Fury look in this photo. The angle that they positioned her with the Amazonians in the background was perfectly set and the detailed work on the colors complemented the entire scene and story.

Score: 7.5/10