Titans Hunt #4 review

Titans Hunt #4 “Masks” review

Written by: Dan Abnett

Art by: Paulo Siqueira

Colors by: Hi-Fi


Cat’s TidBits: As our Titans begin to remember things from their past, the nightmare that continues to haunt them is starting to take over their minds. Hawk and Dove are now part of the picture, but they aren’t exactly getting along with each other. Will we figure out the mystery?


Abnett gives us a clue to the mystery that our main characters have been trying to figure out; We see a new light to our characters from the past that tells us that big things are coming. This isn’t the first time that Lilith has encountered this ‘noise’ that everyone keeps hearing and from the beginning issue, we even saw the files that she had on everyone that was part of the original Teen Titans team.


These characters suffered… a lot. When Dick, Donna, and Garth are at the Titans clubhouse, Abnett writes these scene really well describing the fears that they have with each other and of the mystery that surrounds them. It’s not a quick ‘Oh, we’re totally friends bonding over this noise’ type of style. You see the fears that they have of not knowing who they each are, but understanding that they are part of each others’ history.


Reading this comic book is like watching a really good, scary movie. You’re at the edge of your seat waiting to see what’s going to happen next. Each panel is artistically drawn and colored well that pertains to the writing style that Abnett is trying to capture the reader. A main part of the story, which I had been ignoring for a while, is the connection between Malcolm and this noise. In the last issue, he collapsed while listening to a previous recording of a music he had composed and had been taken to the hospital, but in this issue, he’s nowhere to be found. Or so we believe. Someone makes an appearance… he’s connected to the mystery behind everything, well part of it, okay, most of it.




Mr. Twister. So, quick fact on the origin of this character was in the original Teen Titans where he wasn’t taken too seriously, because he didn’t actually have any powers. He didn’t get these powers until he got his magic staff from an evil being. He also came out in the series Young Justice.

What do you guys think of this guy? I personally don’t think he’s all that, but he’s torturing our characters without any effort and it’s a little scary.


Truth be told that I actually don’t know much about Hawk and Dove, but as of now, I am in love with Dove! This art panel was funny, because it was a sort of Sailor Moon transformation that she did to kick some butts with these guys that she was trying to take down. I love, love, LOVE when DC Comics gives our female characters personalities that make them fearless. This is something that I always mention when it comes to female superheroes/supervillains/characters in any type of comic books and on screen, because we lack it so much. I particularly enjoyed the way she took charge of these guys and even took charge of Hawk, who was having a little bit of trouble defining the line that can get a little blurry of what is right and what is wrong (seen below). As of now, they are not part of the other main characters, but it is definitely connected.


We didn’t get much of Roy and Gnarrk in this issue, but I am looking forward for more of how they’re going to connect in the next issue. Gnarrk obviously has a story to tell, by the tattoo on his hand that forced him to search for Roy to solve this mystery that’s lurking, but I guess we’ll have to wait until next time. In the end, Dick Grayson faces what he needed to do in the beginning to bring out this entity that keeps stalking them from their past.

TADA. Nightwing appears!

The Good: I will never get over how well this comic book is being written. The way that a movie has pacing, so do comic books, and this one is following a pattern that gives us many stories in one issue, but each part brings in so many clues to the mystery that is waiting to be solved. The artwork continues to complement the writing and right now, I am just waiting to see what’s in store for us.

The Bad: I don’t really have anything bad, but one main character that doesn’t really show up other than the beginning panel was Lilith. She is obviously the one that knows more about these characters than we do, by this point, and we need to know what’s going on! Their memories are in the back of their heads and someone died in the process of it.


Recommended If:

  • You love Teen Titans.
  • Hawk and Dove are one of your favorite characters.
  • You enjoy a good read.


Overall: I am extremely pleased with the way this comic book is heading; I have already said much about this issue, but I want to hear your theories.


Score: 9/10