15 Things To Note in the New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer

The recent “Dawn of the Justice League” special on the CW Network gave us the first official full-length trailer for the Suicide Squad movie from David Ayer. Set to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the trailer was a thing of beauty, showing us a lot more of the movie than we had previously seen and also confirming the comedic devil-may-care tone we had seen in the first trailer and other marketing materials. It showed us a lot more of the characters and their potential enemies along with raising even more questions! Here are 15 things to note in the new Suicide Squad trailer.

1. Katana has her Soultaker Sword

Katana is not actually a villain, but is part of the Suicide Squad for another reason (see #4).  In the comics she has been a superhero and was actually part of the Justice League at one point. She trained as a samurai after her husband and children were killed by the Yakuza and moved to the United States where she acted as a vigilante using her special sword named Soultaker, which captures the souls of the people she kills, allowing her to communicate with them. We see here that her sword is in action and we see at another point in the trailer where her eyes turn white momentarily. It’s said that sometimes the sword takes her over and makes her do evil.

2. Captain Boomerang is Just Plain Nuts

From the first shot in the trailer of him in solitary, we know he’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun and completely crazy. Whether cracking open a beer during a battle or randomly leaping out of a bag and punching somebody, Captain Boomerang is going to be a wild card in this misfit gang. This Australian has a lot of different boomerangs and a wicked sense of humor. Look for this to be a different take on the character than the one we’ve seen on the CW television show, Arrow. Captain Boomerang is an enemy of Barry Allen and Wally West in the comics and does eventually join the Suicide Squad, but is highly undependable and often puts other team members lives in danger because of his cowardice…and it looks like this is true for Jai Courtney’s on-screen take on the character. In the comics, Captain Boomerang tricks Slipknot into blowing himself up with the implant in his neck from Amanda Waller, which brings me to my next point.

3. Is Slipknot Expendable?

We don’t see a whole lot of Slipknot (played by Adam Beach) in the trailer and we certainly don’t see him in those group shots towards the end of the trailer either, so it would seem that he gets made an example of early on by Amanda Waller and Argus or the Joker or those demon creatures. Slipknot is really a lesser known character from the Suicide Squad, so seems expendable. He is an assassin and his “power” is to tie knots and kill people with ropes, which seems kind of lame compared to shooting flames from your hands or consuming souls with your sword. He has unbreakable ropes which he has designed himself and uses them to take his enemies down. He joins the Suicide Squad in the comics and is fitted with an arm band bomb, which, after a discussion with Captain Boomerang, decides isn’t really functional and he makes a run for it, eventually blowing his arm off, but surviving in a weakened state. I expect that we might see Captain Boomerang convince him to make a run for it, ensuring his death in the film version.

4. Rick Flag leads the Suicide Squad with Katana as His Bodyguard

Rick Flag is assigned to lead the Suicide Squad and make sure they stay in line and with this group of villains with powers and abilities, he needs a bodyguard to keep him safe. That comes in the form of Katana. Flag is not a villain and is actually a military person who has the unenviable task of wrangling this motley crue of bad guys. Originally slated to be played by Tom Hardy, who had to drop out due to the filming schedule on The Revenant (that Oscar nom had to soften the blow), Joel Kinnaman steps into the role of the highly conflicted team leader. Not only is he fighting some wicked inner demons, but he’s fighting with real life demons. Flag is the son of Flag, Sr., who led the Suicide Squadron during World War II. You can see from the trailer that he has a distaste for the group and reluctantly leads them. He does not have superpowers, but is a very highly trained soldier. It looks like Scott Eastwood’s character is on his team, but we don’t know who he is playing. See #7.

5. Ike Barinnholtz Role Still a Mystery

When Ike Barinholtz was added to the cast months ago, the rampant speculation began about who he would play. The popular theory was Hugo Strange, but to date his actual role has not been revealed. When asked about it, Barinholtz said, “I can tell you my character in that movie is someone you would not want at your house for dinner. He’s a very troubled human being.” From what we can tell from the new trailer, he’s somebody who works at the prison and really has it out for Deadshot. One scene shows him hitting Floyd Lawton in the stomach with a baton. It looks like he is a member of the prison staff/SWAT team and may be somebody higher up in command, but we have not gotten any clues as to who his actual character is and if it’s somebody recognizable from the DC universe. Barinholtz admits that his role is small, but is under gag orders from WB to not reveal his character, which is very intriguing.