15 Things To Note in the New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer

11. The Origin of Harley Quinn?

The character of Harley Quinn has a somewhat unique origin. She first appeared on television in Batman: The Animated Series and then later was written into comic books and then got her origin story in a 1994 graphic novel which was illustrated in the same style and look as the animated television show. In the graphic novel she is an intern at Arkham Asylum in the psych ward and volunteers to try and treat The Joker. She ends up falling madly in love with him and helps him break out a few times. When she is found out to be the reason for his escape, she is imprisoned there. In this trailer we get one brief shot of her as Harleen Quinzel pounding on the hood of a car and the rest of the time, she’s Harley. We see her in a jail cell and talking to guards in the common area with her crazy blond hair, but it’s not dyed multiple colors yet, so we can assume that Joker comes back for her and breaks her out. We saw scenes in the SDCC trailer of her being attacked by the Joker and then later strapped down and tattooed and tortured by the Joker (still wearing his prison garb). A very telling scene in the new trailer is the Joker leaping into a vat of chemicals and then pulling Harley Quinn to the surface amidst green and purple colors. She has multi-colored hair in big parts of the trailer where she’s out of jail. Could this chemical bath have helped her to completely lose her mind or was he trying to maker her more like him (supposing that his origin in the movie is also caused by a fall into a chemical vat).

12. June Moone and Rick Flag Intimate?

This was a very quick shot in the new trailer, but it shows June Moone being very intimate with Rick Flag, the leader of the Suicide Squad. Moone is the alter ego of the Enchantress and is played by Cara Delavigne. We don’t see her in any of the group shots in the trailer, which leads one to question if she’s actually part of the Suicide Squad or the villain? Flag is looking at the files of various team members who will be on the Suicide Squad. In this scene he is looking at Floyd Lawton‘s file. Lawton is also known as Deadshot and is considered the leader of the Suicide Squad. Seems pretty top level stuff for somebody to be privy too…and she’s rubbing his shoulders in a way that suggests intimacy.

13. Enchantress the Villain?

Like previously mentioned, we do not see Enchantress in any of the group fighting shots or even helping the team out against whatever they are fighting. We see her alter ego June looking mopy in a variety of shots, but really the only time we see Enchantress is in this shot where she’s at the White House. That can’t be good. And, it looks like the creatures the team are fighting are supernatural and unearthly- exactly the kind of things that she can summon and control. I wonder if she is unleashing demons on Earth to control it and the Suicide Squad has to be put together to try and stop her.

14. What or Who is that Subway Monster?

Lots of theories about who or what this subway creature is, including Incubus. In the comics, Larry Eden is the brother of Nightshade and is possessed by Incubus. Incubus takes Enchantress powers away from her and could be whatever this superpowered being is. But we also see that it looks like a human in a suit. From the various angles we see of this thing, you can see ears and human hands in one shot and in this shot, a face and what looks like a human shaped body inside a green suit. Now, my crazy theory is that this is actually the Joker in a suit, although I have no idea why he would have this kind of super suit or why he would be going on a destruction rampage of this magnitude. It doesn’t really fit into his persona, but if you zoom into the face in this shot, it really, really looks like the pale and pasty face of the Joker. The facial structure even matches the high, bony cheeks.  And green is his color, so you never know!

15. Are those Demon Creatures?

Like I mentioned in #13, Enchantress has the power to summon creatures and unleash massive magical forces. She is barely able to contain the powerful forces within her and sometimes can be completely taken over and do evil things. In the comic books she joins the Suicide Squad and after helping them to take out Brimstone, she loses control of her powers and temporarily becomes evil. She eventually discovers that her Enchantress persona is actually an evil entity from another universe that had fused with her and not a manifestation of magical ability. This kind of power could explain the subway creature, the demonic like figures we see here (which are probably the same slimy creatures we see the Squad fighting) and all that slimy damage to the area. Perhaps the Enchantress helps the Suicide Squad in the beginning, but then gets separated from her evil other side and the Squad has to fight the creature. In the comics, her inner entity is actually the Succubus and gets taken from her by Incubus, which is the brother of Nightshade. As speculated in #14, the subway creature could be Incubus and has stolen the Succubus from Enchantress, making him even a more powerful threat to the Suicide Squad.

So, the new trailer has given us a lot more to chew on. Plenty of glimpses of things that have us curious, along with confirmations of some things previously only rumored and a lot more detail about what kind of ride this movie is going to be.

Let’s hear your theories and findings in the comments below!