Gal Gadot thought she was auditioning for Catwoman in ‘Batman v Superman’

Gal Gadot may be Wonder Woman, but that’s not the role she thought she was auditioning for back in 2013. All she knew was that the audition was for a Warner Bros. movie by Zack Snyder. She went in expecting Catwoman.

“I mean, I could have guessed,” she admits now to Empire. “I thought it was going to be Selina (Kyle), you know?”

“I only knew what role it was when I flew in to test with Ben (Affleck),” she says. “I was very excited. Anytime I had general meetings in LA, I always said that my dream role was to do an empowered, independent woman who doesn’t rely on men.”

It sounds like Gadot’s dream has come true! Not only will she play Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and two Justice League movies, but she’s also starring in her very own movie. The first footage from Wonder Woman premiered last week on the “Dawn of the Justice League” special.

SOURCE: Empire