Justice League 3001 #8 review

Justice League 3001 #8 “A New Beginning” review

Written by: J. M. DeMatteis & Keith Giffen

Art by: Scott Kolins

Colors by: Hi-Fi


Cat’s TidBits: New Justice League! This new beginning starts with a new team, new members, and a brand new Justice League to save our planet from anyone that tries to destroy it. But can they defeat the Lord of All Beings and Things?


Well, Well, Well. There’s a new sheriff in town… except she’s not a sheriff and she’s Kryptonian. Six months have passed by and the members of this Justice League have been in hiding. The Scullions (which are robotic, yet flexible things that can regenerate even if they are killed) are following the orders of the Lord of All Beings and things, A.K.A. Lady Styx, to keep everything in order and “restore” balance to the world.


There she is. All in her glory. She mentions that she has been on that Earth for a while now, which makes me want to know more of her background. If you’re not familiar with her, she’s a new character in the New 52 and her whole agenda is to basically restore order when everything is chaotic and have people just obey her (or follow her leadership). I don’t blame her on wanting to restore order, but worshipping her is not a good thing, ha. Our Justice League members are the same people we have seen in the past issues. Barry, Bruce, and Clark died, now they’re trying to figure out how to take down Lady Styx, but unfortunately Kara is having some trouble trying to do so.


We’re starting all over again. I did enjoy the writing of this issue; We are starting to learn more about each character and what they can bring to the table. I remember I didn’t like Tina in the beginning, but I laughed when she tried taking down the Scullions in the armored-Batman suit, WHILE wearing a Robin costume inside. It’s hilarious.


Flash (or Teri) keeps having breakdowns. Another thing that I don’t blame her. This would be considered a type of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; She keeps reliving in her head the death of Clark (yeah, remember they were dating.) I enjoyed these frames though. They were written perfectly to demonstrate that these characters are struggling. They are trying to save everyone in the world, but they need to be a part of them and act human. You can see this a lot with the way that Kara is struggling to be a leader for everyone in the group.


Colors are amazing, like always. Even the art is on point. Everything was nicely put together and I have to admit that I enjoyed reading this issue. I was skeptical at first, because we were getting a new Justice League. It’s a just a mixture of so many random characters, but hey. This is the future.



The Good: It actually wasn’t bad to read. I was honestly worried. Whenever you get a new mixture of characters, you have to learn how to get used to seeing them be the heroes that we are always used to. Especially with a Batman comic book title. We’re so used to seeing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc when we hear ‘Justice League’.


The Bad: I don’t know where the story is going to go. Yes, we have Lady Styx part of the picture now, but as of now, six months have already passed and our Justice League hasn’t been able to do anything. So, will the build-up of her ‘reign’ be as good as the fight? We shall see.


Recommended If:

  • Super girl is one of your favorite characters.
  • You enjoy a dominant female-centric comic book.


Overall: I can’t complain. I have been asking for more female-centric comic books in this industry and they’re bringing it. Is it done perfectly? Not quite, but I like it. I’m getting used to it. We really haven’t seen any comic books that are dominantly females as our heroes/villains and I love it. Lady Styx is a nice touch to our female Superheroes who are part of this new Justice League team. I think DC Comics gets it with this comic book; If you genuinely want to laugh and enjoy yourself reading a comic book, this is truly the one. I’m just glad I was able to read a good comic book on my birthday yesterday, haha! Definitely kept that momentum going. I’m curious to see what you all think. Do you like our new Justice League?


Score: 9.5