Batman Beyond #9 review



Cat’s TidBits: Terry’s brother, Matt, has gone to Metropolis in search of something that can possibly help them in the present, but will he find it? Splicers have shown up, as previously seen in the Batman Beyond animated TV series, and unfortunately Tim Drake has left Neo-Gotham in search of Matt and stirs up some trouble.


Post-Apocalyptic world is really making me love this comic book series! I was skeptical by the way that it this comic book series started; not with the villains itself, but it was honestly a book that was all over the place. It looks like it’s finally getting some intriguing story to its future. Tim Drake has left Barbara Gordon in charge of Neo-Gotham to search for Matt McGinnis and unfortunately has to explain himself to the people left there in Metropolis of the situation. The situation back home isn’t at all any better. Neo-Gotham looks like it might start to be a distant memory with the individuals that were left behind in their torn cities searching for a new city to plant their roots.


Metropolis is in really bad shape. But I love the way it was shown! It really captured how much people are suffering as people would be after such a terrible event. In the picture below, you can see that they’re even selling batteries to keep whatever ‘normalcy’ they had when things were okay. This reminded me somewhat like The Walking Dead; you don’t really care about anything out there other than surviving AND finding food. There are also pictures of this “Doctor” everywhere and in the beginning, we don’t know who it is, but later come to find out that it’s Doctor Cuvier. (He’s the dude, playing the dude, disguised.. anyway, he’s basically the doctor that brought splicing.)


And it lives! The Justice League Watchtower is the only thing that actually does have power, but only because that is where Dr. Cuvier operates. This is crazy; I mean, it’s not crazy, but I love how they were able to tie in Batman Beyond’s first episode into this comic book series and maybe that’s why I’m starting to enjoy this comic book a little bit more?


I can’t take enough of this Green Lantern ring, what’s going to happen? It’s obviously really important, because Dr. Cuvier wanted Matt all along and this ring could perhaps bring a better future? So many questions and so little answers. But hats off to you, Jurgens.




Batman gets caught y’all. GREAT.

The Good: The story itself was enjoyable to read. It kept me at the edge of my seat and I even read it twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything in each comic panel.

The Bad: They brought on the issue of all the people wanting to come to Neo-Gotham, but never went back to give us what happened. Of course, I’m being picky on this, but I really do want to know how they’re going to figure out that issue since the resources are extremely limited.

Recommended If:

  • You enjoyed Batman Beyond animated TV series
  • You like Dr. Cuvier as our villain
  • You enjoy post-apocolayptic worlds (I keep putting this one down, because Jurgens, Chang, and Maiolo do this so well!)


Overall: I really want to applaud everyone who worked on this issue; The colors were beautiful (in a dark/mysterious sense) and the art complemented Jurgen’s writing. The fact that they were able to tie in Batman Beyond animated TV series to the comic book series is awesome, I always love it when DC Comics does this. It’s like saluting to their work just one more time. So, let’s see where this is gonna go.


Score: 8.5/10