Batman v Superman Dr. Pepper Prequel #2 – Lois Lane review


*Takes Sip* Yup. Lois Lane is a badass in this comic issue. First, can I start with how awesome that Dr. Pepper teamed up with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to not only create these super awesome cans/bottles, but comics to go along with it?!

Second, I repeat. Lois Lane is a badass. When Man of Steel came out, I have to admit. I didn’t really like her character. I felt like she came off as this person that knew-it-all, conceited, and someone that I would probably not want to hang out with in real life. But in reality, it’s because she’s a confident woman and maybe I was a little jealous of that.. MAYBE.


WOAH, HANFORD, What are you doing?! It always freaks me out that in comic books, anything goes. Like this scene. Mr. Hanford has stolen Kryptonian Technology and sold it on the black market in order to save his company and now that Lois Lane figured it all out, he takes out this gun at her. It takes a lot to point a gun at a shooting range target, but at a person? And Lois is not phased at all by this. Don’t believe me, see for yourself below.


For a second, even I believed her. The police were on their way, Perry knew about all of it, and even Homeland Security had been notified of the crime he had committed. Do journalists usually learn combat skills and how to handle a gun? This one does.


Trust me. For a girl that has her CHL, I know from experience that you have to be confident to do something like this and take the time to train consistently of your surroundings and increase your awareness. I think that’s why I rated this issue a 9/10, because Lois came off as this woman who knows what she’s doing and isn’t afraid to take chances.

As far as the colors and artwork, I wouldn’t say I’m completely impressed, but I didn’t really pay attention to it to the extent of criticizing it. The writing itself was great and if you have already finished reading the previous comic issue with Batman, you know it’s going to be good. If the movie is going to be anything like this. Maybe I should cosplay as Lois Lane instead, ha!



So that’s how he gets the Kryptonian Technology. Freaking Lex. On a side note, is it me… or does he kind of look like Tarzan in this comic book? No? Okay… Just throwing it out there.

Recommended If:

  • You like female characters kicking some butt!
  • You’re excited for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie and you’re buying all the action figures, t-shirts, collector items, have it written down on your calendar, started working on your costume you’re dressing up as when you watch it, bought the Dr. Pepper cans AND bottles, because, just yes.


Overall: Guys, you’re like us comic book reviewers. You come here to read our reviews, because we all have one thing in common. Batman. When you take the time to read a comic book that was presented through a soda company, you’re especially like us and we’re like you. I enjoyed reading this comic book and issue that featured Lois Lane. Am I still going to have my doubts for the movie? Uh, duh! But this was pretty cool. Let’s be hyped up for the movie together :)


Score: 9/10