Margot Robbie gave someone a misspelled ‘Suicide Squad’ tattoo (video)

Last summer we learned that Margot Robbie took up a new hobby… giving her co-workers tattoos! Social media was filled with photos of Robbie, dressed as Harley Quinn, giving tattoos to all of her castmates, including director David Ayer!

Suicide Squad star Ike Barinholtz told Howard Stern that Robbie actually misspelled one of the tattoos that she gave. Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Robbie admitted as much.

“I did spell one wrong once, that was extremely awkward,” Robbie explained. “I was writing a word and I spelled it wrong. When we were shooting Suicide Squad we all got ‘skwad’ tattoos.

“Jai Courtney is in the film and plays Boomerang, and his cast assistant is this epic dude, he’s named Simon. And he put his hand up first to get the first ‘skwad’ tattoo. It’s pretty big, it’s on his arm. Everyone was spelling it as ‘s-k-w-a-d’ but I went straight from the ‘s’ to the ‘w'”.


As Tina Fey said, “it’s a good time to be pretty!”. I have a feeling Simon wasn’t too upset with Ms. Robbie. Still, that’s a funny and very unfortunate story!