Scott Snyder leaving Batman after issue #51

Following months of rumors, it appears to be true: Scott Snyder will be leaving the flagship Batman title after April’s #51.

Speaking with Comic Vine (WARNING: tons of spoilers for Batman #49), Snyder discusses his recent history on the book and where the Superheavy arc has gone, while confirming that his last issue is a mere two months away.

In his words:

…Greg [Capullo] and I have had a blast together on this run. It’s our second to last issue together. 51 is my last issue as well on Batman. For me, 50 is the quiet issue and 51 is really just a letter to the fans from us and a letter to Batman. It’s the lightest I’ve ever written. Not lightest as in happy but light as in not as many panels per page. It’s really really open. It’s a chance for Greg to draw the close before we take our break. 50 we wanted to be the opposite. We wanted it to be the most explosive, jam-packed sort of blockbuster crazed issue we’ve ever done. I hope it delivers in that regard.

Snyder, who has been with the title since the inception of the new DC Universe and even wrote the character prior to that, has been rumored to be leaving at some point this year for a few months now.  There have been reports that he would join Detective Comics following the mysterious Rebirth event later this year, but this is the first confirmation from the man himself.

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