Earth 2: Society #9 review


Cat’s TidBits: It’s about to go down in New Gotham with wars left and right, but that’s if the lack of natural resources in this Earth doesn’t end civilization first. Hawkgirl finds herself trapped with the Amazons and we learn some interesting news of how they survived.


I don’t know about this world anymore… there are so many problems that have risen since the last issue and I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, but in a good way? Natural resources. That is one HUGE problem that this Earth is struggling with. And by struggling, I mean it’s non-existent. Okay, so we’re back in Science class guys. One example of natural gas is Petroleum fuel that is found on Earth and can be used to produce electricity, heat, and even gasoline. Yeah, see how not having just that can be difficult to continue this Earth to be as “normal” as in the past. If that doesn’t take the cake. Imagine all these people that at this time feel somewhat ‘safe’ and are quickly going to realize that this barren planet gives us nothing in return.


Does Fury scare you? Can I quickly mention how much I love the action panels. They make me feel as if the scene is intense. Look at how serious Fury’s facial expression is and those hips do not lie. But other than how amazing she looks, I want to take a step back and analyze her character. It is revealed in this issue that they are the last surviving Amazons and she went through some extreme forces to make sure of that, survival. It’s apparently evident that Fury has no problem with deciding what is best for Earth 2 and what needs to be done in order to prevent these wars from once again ending civilization once and for all. She is displaying strong character though and I don’t think I would change her personality for anything. This is exactly what I have been waiting for to see in a female DC Comics character; A strong, independent, but at the same time dark and mysterious character that can only continue to grow in front of our eyes.


We’re moving along to the two wars that have now shown up on our doorstep and not by choice. Supergirl is helping her fellow country to take care of these terraformed beats that have mysteriously shown up; who’s doing this to us?! If that isn’t the best part, Green Lantern is still being seen as some ‘God’, so he’s having Lois Lane help him out with the ‘human-esque’ side come out by jotting down some notes for the U.S. Constitution (I’m kidding–I would hope Lois is in the right state of mind to write the U.S. Constitution, because I do not want to see New Gotham get better and little things like that messing it up. But I loved that they included it in the issue; this shows the reality of how these comic books can get. Always a favorite when it’s realistic (even though they’re superheroes/villains), but it proves how you can relate to this New Gotham. Though, not sure if I want to go visit anytime soon (already cancelled my trip to). –Did you guys watch that Batman V Superman airlines ad?


Everyone is working together! Makes me forget about the new Justice League that Justice League 3001 just gave us. I am genuinely enjoying that they are working together, but it seems as if everyone has a role and I am sensing we’re going to be blindsided by something else in the future. Was I the only one that enjoyed Batman coming out to play with the group (although, it seems unrealistic as Batman usually stays independent on his own, has his other jobs, but it’s been awhile since he’s shown up in our most recent issues.


The Good: You want an action-packed comic book? This might be your comic book. There are multiple issues going on at the same time and you need to be keeping up by outlining the issue and associating it to the character. It’s the best way to remember who’s who and what the hell is going on.

The Bad: Maybe keeping up with a lot of issues could be hard for you? I did feel overwhelmed at times, trying to figure out what I was reading. Don’t get me wrong; this is a great comic book and issue, but as a reader, I need to continuously remind myself what’s going on, because any detail that you may think is too small and won’t matter… are definitely the ones that were a big part of the storyline.


Recommended If: 

  • You enjoy Fury’s aggressive behavior.
  • Action, mixed with beautiful artwork, is kinda your thing.
  • You enjoy Earth 2!

Overall: The rhythm is exactly where it needs to be at this time; we haven’t seen any wars happening yet (although there have been two unannounced ones already. Abnett continues to impress me with Fury and she’s probably my favorite character as of now Not only is she feisty, but this girl is on fire.


SCORE: 7.5